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Surprising confirmation that all is provided for…

This week, our message comes to us from Owl who brings us a message of providence from the mysteries, that magical expanse of divine orchestration that is always working on our behalf behind the scenes to bring goodness into our lives. Enchanted Message This week, I...

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3 ways to love when the world is suffering…

This week, our message comes to us from Mary Magdelene who invites us to be open to the deep, sacred love that comes up within us when we see others experiencing suffering in the world. Enchanted Message This week, my heart is with my sister-in-law, Kimber Wukitsch...

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3 reasons you can feel TOTALLY safe with channeling…

This week, our message comes to us from my childhood friend, the Care Bears cousin, Cozy Heart Penguin, who channeled through in my meditation this morning to set us up in all kinds of cozy goodness this week. Enchanted Message I had a conversation with a dear friend...

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Did I see the future, or did I manifest it?

This week, our messenger is the Intuition Unicorn, who invites us to listen for the quiet whisper within. Enchanted Message It's Winter... the time for hibernation is here. That doesn't mean we'll sleep the WHOLE winter, but if you're like me, it might mean you sleep...

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