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The riches stored in your life history…

This week our message comes to us from Whale who is the record keeper, inviting us to take a moment to remember the things that are the most meaningful from our life experience. Enchanted Message This week, the magic of summer is in the air as we head out in the...

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The luxury vacation of a little gratitude…

This week our message comes to us from the Gratitude Unicorn who invites us to actively acknowledge our blessings as a way of pampering our minds. Enchanted Message This week, I have had such a rich time of connection and expansion that I'm still digesting it all. And...

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3 steps to tap into the power of answered prayers…

This week our message comes to us from the Goddess Sedna who reminds us that we live in a universe of infinite supply. Enchanted Message I sat down this morning to receive something wonderful for us today in our message, and Sedna showed up to pamper us with some...

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