This week, our message comes to us from The Queen of The Oracle of the Realm, and who better to be the spokesmodel for a conversation where I actively choose the guidance that channels from within over that of the “experts,” and share with you what really matters to me about channeling. The Queen says, “you are designed perfectly, with gifts and treasures to share with the world,” and she invites us all to trust that expert within.

Enchanted Message

In the early days of my professional life I worked in marketing as a copywriter, and now, in the present days of my professional life I “work” in marketing as an entrepreneur. My goals have changed… then I did marketing to help companies sell products and services, now I do marketing to help people see how truly spectacular they are and get my help experiencing this truth. The marketing conversations have changed likewise, but through all the years between then and now, one question remains in the conversation: what results will you get when you choose this product or service? It’s a reasonable question, right? We always want to get something from our purchases.

When I’ve had this conversation with today’s marketing experts about my courses and services, and I say what I think matters most for my students and clients to get… a soul connection, a connection with the magic within, the transformation that comes from being aligned with your soul and the Divine… I’ve been told that the results need to be tangible because people won’t understand what those intangible words really means.

Not a Marketing Mistake

So I have spent a lot of my marketing attention on tangible results, which I call “real life results.” These include soulmate connections, money manifestation, career opportunities, perfect health, and other dreams come true. And we love them, don’t we? Of course we do… they’re magical! And they’re a very real part of what I do with people.

But this morning, with my channel to the magic of the Divine open and guiding me, I received an insight. I was given the title of this message email, “3 benefits of channeling that have nothing to do with results,” and I was guided to talk about the benefits that really matter to me for you, those intangible things. What an exciting bit of guidance because I get to really delve into the good stuff, AND I finally see how that’s NOT a marketing mistake… I always thought the way to follow the advice of the marketing experts was to tell you about the tangible results, when in fact there was another aspect of their advice to take action on, the aspect that involves “understanding what those intangible words really means.”

3 Benefits of Channeling That Have Nothing To Do With Results:

So let me paint a picture for you about channeling, the focus of this month’s channeling course, and why it’s so much more than tangible goods.

  • #1 The Experience
    When I go to the movies, I have a wonderful experience while I’m in the movie, and I walk out feeling uplifted (because I choose uplifting movies), but I don’t leave with anything in my pocket except maybe a stray piece of popcorn. And I’m happy with that. I’m happy to pay for an experience that feels good just for the sake of the experience. While channeling does in fact lead to tangible stuff in your pocket, like information and psychic moments and creative masterpieces, plus the resulting stuff like money and phone numbers and invitations, thinking of it like a movie experience opens you up to really get how worthwhile it is. Like a movie, the experience itself is wonderful. You have a wonderful body sensation. You have a lightness of energy and mood. You have a sense of freedom. And you come out of it feeling like something meaningful has happened.
  • #2 The Connection
    The reason you come out of channeling feeling like something meaningful has happened is because you have made a deep connection with something magical, something spiritual, something divine. This connection is the source of deep and lasting fulfillment, the only true remedy to loneliness, depression, boredom, fear, anger… and all other discomforts. That is why our souls have designed us with a sense of meaning and the sensation of “good” that accompanies it. These are sensors that are designed to go off when we engage with the Divine. And because these sensors feel so good, we are motivated to continue engaging with the Divine. And when we continue engaging with the Divine, we experience greater and greater fulfillment. So to sum up this chicken-egg, which-came-first cycle, the point is that channeling is a source of connection with the Divine and this connection feels really, really good and is so good for our lives.
  • #3 Unlimited Access
    I have my “go to” activities that I turn to when I’m feeling lonely or restless or in need of a mood boost. Some of these originated in my childhood through modeling and convenience, like watching tv, shopping, eating something yummy. And others of them developed through my active lifestyle choices, like journaling, exercising, crafting. It’s hard to say which group channeling falls into because I’ve been channeling since childhood and the ways that I channel have multiplied like rabbits through my lifestyle choices since then. But one thing is for sure: channeling is always available to me no matter where I am or what I have around me. No tv’s, stores, or food needed. No pencils or gym clothes or art supplies necessary. Just me and my willingness to tune in and have that wonderful experience of divine connection. And that goes for you too.

Hmmm, ok, I’m looking at this list of benefits and things are feeling a bit fuzzy in terms of whether or not the benefits have results in them. In one sense, they all do… they have a good experience, a spiritual connection and a mood boost involved. But in another sense they don’t… none of them speak directly about the things that I’ve been told qualify as results… money, relationships, health. So I consider them a success in being the no-results list that they intended themselves to be, and, let’s be real here… whether we mention it or not, they all participate in delivering those qualifying results into our lives.

The Expert

What all of this marketing-results-experts talk reminds me of is that we have everything we need within us already. Yes, experts can help us be successful, but we don’t NEED them to succeed. And since there are so many experts and they often have differing, even opposing advice about things, they’re not actually the most reliable sources of guidance about what is best for YOU to do to be successful in the way that you were designed perfectly by the Divine to be. You have a colossally more powerful resource in the Divine and it’s right there within you. And channeling is the key to accessing it.

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Soul Connection

Supplies: Pen. Paper. A comfortable place.

  1. Take two deep breaths and become aware that you are inside your body.
  2. Now ask your soul to connect you with the expert within you.
  3. Write down any sensations or descriptive details that come.
  4. Now ask your soul show you situations in your life that you could allow the expert within to participate in.
  5. Write down what comes.
  6. Now ask your soul to allow your inner expert to show up in some or all of these situations this week.
  7. Now thank your soul for bringing you this connection and notice when this inner expert appears this week.