This week our message comes to us from the goddess Sekmet who wants you to know how strong you are, and who wants me to share a few more things about last week’s message…

Enchanted Message

This week, I want to say more about last week’s message. After sending that message off in the wee hours of the morning, I woke up with more to say. Then getting all the feedback about how much you all appreciate talking about our deep human vulnerability, I decided to go ahead and say it.

To recap, in last week’s message, I was sharing about what I did when some negative emotions and beliefs came up and intensified in my life, showing up repeatedly to encourage me to shift them into something more beneficial so that I could move into a new level of good in my life.

Now, here are 3 more things I want to say about this…

  • 1 – The expert or solution that is right for you…
    One thing I didn’t get to point out in last week’s message is that when you go within to ask for support, it’s not just inner support you can call on. Your request for support calls on all kinds of possibilities that are in the tangible outer world as well, such as experts who can guide you, which is what showed up for me, and signs, resources, helpers, etc. There are so many ways we can resolve challenges and shape our selves and our lives, and the right way for one person may or may not be the way that is meant for you. That’s why the first place to turn is within, where you can make that request for support and allow just the right expert or sign or resource or helper for you to reveal itself in your life.
  • 2 – How to stand by your inner self in times of shift…
    Not all times of rising into a new level of good in your life are accompanied by such emotional or intense experiences as the one I just had. But sometimes they are, and if something like this comes up for you, I just want to be the voice that assures you that you are strong enough to handle it, and that the best thing you can do for yourself is to stand by your inner self and walk through it with yourself. What this looks like is letting your inner self talk, listening to what your inner self has to say about how you feel, letting yourself cry if needed, and giving yourself a hug (for real).

    You can also give yourself a pep talk. The one that helps me in times like this involves the metamorphosis of the butterfly, as I shared in a previous message… “Like a butterfly in the cocoon, you are undergoing mind-blowing, paradigm-shifting change as you say yes to the great good that is ahead of you. In the cocoon the caterpillar has no idea what is going on, just that it looks like everything it knows is being destroyed. It may feel terrifying. But the caterpillar will soon be doing something it never even dreamed possible, soaring through the sky, flapping gloriously colorful wings, and experiencing a gigantic world from great heights.” That caterpillar may have crapped her pants, but that didn’t stop her from fulfilling her amazing destiny. Thinking of this helps me stick it out, even when I can’t understand how what’s going on could be doing good in my life…
  • 3 – Total self-acceptance…
    An important aspect of walking through something so intense, and allowing it to do something good for you, is total self-acceptance. This is the biggest thing that is going on in my life right now. And if it sounds like something you could go for in your life right now, please check out my new channeling program… it does so much more for you than open up the flow of deep and meaningful mystic experience, which it absolutely does, but it also opens up the lines of communication and connection with your deep inner self, where the tender vulnerable human part of you can be heard and where there is a powerhouse mastermind part of you who knows just how to give you the beautiful life your heart desires.

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I am wishing you so much ease and goodness in your life, as you rise into a new level of good, and sending strength for when it is needed.

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Soul Connection

Supplies: A comfortable place. Paper. A pen.

  1. Take two deep breaths and become aware that you are inside your body.
  2. Now ask your soul to connect you with your inner self.
  3. Now ask your inner self what it’s feeling right now.
  4. Write down what comes.
  5. Now ask your soul what message it has for your inner self.
  6. Write down what comes.
  7. Keep writing until you feel complete.
  8. Now thank your soul and inner self for showing up for you today, and keep connecting with them this week.