This week our message comes to us from the goddess Nemetona who brings us an invitation to create or go to a sacred space to connect with the Divine.

Enchanted Message

This week, as we move deeper into the magic of Winter, it’s no surprise that Nemetona has shown up to bring us a deepening of last week’s message to connect with the Divine. For Nemetona, the intentional act of being in sacred space is a power move that heightens the connection and expands the channel for divine communique to come through, including the guidance and insight that I like to call Higher Dimensional Wisdom, which benefits us so much in our daily lives.

Channeling Higher Wisdom

If you are a person who people turn to for guidance, like so many of us here at Fairy Godmother central and Unicornucopia, you are probably a wisdom channel, and I want to share 3 secrets from our Mystic Pathways Channeling program with you.

The first is a bit of wisdom that channeled through for a friend recently when she was seeking clarity and guidance about a relationship situation. She was often told that she was selfish when she did not do what her partner wanted her to do. So in our discussion, she was trying to make the best decision for herself while ensuring that she would not be labeled as selfish. What channeled through for me to say to her was something a wise teacher once said to me…

• Secret #1: “Keep the camera on the inside.”

What this means is to stay within yourself and look outward from there so that you can see the situation from your own perspective… how you feel, what you think, what you want… rather than trying to get into someone else’s head and figure out what they will think or feel or do. Some of us are such open channels, empathically and psychically, as part of a divine gift of diplomacy, that we really do know what other people are thinking, and we do it so instinctively we don’t realize that we can choose to NOT tune in.

• Secret #2: Practice noticing what your channel is tuned to.

The option to not tune in to her partner’s channel was a revelation for my friend and her next step was to practice noticing when she had her camera inside herself and when she was putting it out in other people, so that she could feel the difference and then be strategic and intentional about what she was channeling. She would create optimal conditions for herself and ALL those around her when she made the most honest choices for herself which come when she is channeling from her own soul. With that self-care priority anchored in at the top of the list, then she could be of service to others by channeling insight for and about them.

• Secret #3: Be intentional about what you are channeling.

There is such a relief that comes when we are intentional about our channeling, because it keeps our energies organized and reflects the divine truth about how truly powerful we ALL are in any given situation. My friend’s partner wanted her to think that she was so powerful she could ruin his happiness with her choices, but, as you can read in my book, The Realm: Claim Your Total Magnificence, the truth about him is, he ALWAYS has the power to be happy. This is channeled wisdom, the likes of which we can all access when we follow Nemetona’s invitation to create sacred space by intending to connect with the Divine. From there, we will be guided about where to put that camera, what to do with what we discover, and what real life choices and actions will be most beneficial.

Learn more about these course secrets and so much more in our Mystic Pathways Channeling experience.

Mystic Pathways: Channeling Made Easy

  • Find out…
    • What channeling is
    • Where the information comes from
    • How it works
  • Discover…
    • Your unique soul design and channeling gifts
    • How to use your energy for greater social comfort
    • How channeling practices can improve your relationships
  • Learn how to channel…
    • Higher dimensional wisdom (such as Abraham Hicks or soul guidance)
    • Divine genius (for inspired creativity)
    • Intuitive, empathic and passed loved ones messages
    • Oracle messages (such as tea leaves)
  • Open the channel to
    • Daily signs and messages (for a deepening of spiritual connection)

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Soul Connection

Supplies: Pen. Paper. A comfortable place.

  1. Take two deep breaths and become aware that you are inside your body.
  2. Now ask your soul to remind you of a sacred place in your life, perhaps spiritual or simply personally meaningful.
  3. Now ask your soul to make you aware of what made this place so special, decor? people? sounds? smells?
  4. Now write down what comes.
  5. Now ask your soul to make you aware of symbols for these special elements. Perhaps existing symbols from your remembered place, or new symbols that represent your special details.
  6. Now write down what comes.
  7. Now ask your soul what benefits you will get from creating or visiting a sacred space this week.
  8. Now ask your soul to guide you to creating a sacred space with your channeled details, or visiting one this week.
  9. Now thank your soul for enriching your life in a sacred space this week.