This week our message comes to us from the Goddess Sedna who reminds us that we live in a universe of infinite supply.

Enchanted Message

I sat down this morning to receive something wonderful for us today in our message, and Sedna showed up to pamper us with some divine truth. I know for me, when I get busy with my daily activities and work, I can get myself into a narrow perspective that focuses on problems to solve and the ways of human society that are strong in the impression of lack, that there is not enough.

But when I step back and connect with the Divine and take a look at the bigger picture, a beam of light taps me on the forehead like a magic wand and opens my eyes. My chest pulls in a deep breath of limitlessly available air and I expand, spirit, mind and body. I feel lighter and a sense of joy fills up the space I have made with my expansion. And when I see with these eyes, I see all the goodies and goodness around me. I see that there is more than enough for everyone, including me.

Help from Above

For the last few weeks, I’ve been working on something really special and important for Soul Candy and haven’t given myself a lot of downtime to pamper myself with fun and relaxation. There were a few times when I checked in within to see what would feel good and nothing that came to mind seemed quite right. But the checking in was like a little prayer and the Divine responded on Friday night by showing me my honeymoon in Hawaii. Yes, that felt QUITE right, and I declared that I would go to Hawaii in July. I didn’t have any sense of how that would happen, but I was certain that it could happen with a little help from above, and I truly felt like I was going have a vacation, coming soon.

The very next day, yesterday, I had the unexpected delight of a full-on vacation experience. In an extended birthday celebration for my husband, we went paddle boarding with his sister at the home of my Soul Candy retreat partner, Sharri, and it was an uncanny match to the luxurious experience of my honeymoon. I got to spend time on the ocean, in the sunshine with people I love. I got to walk in the sand with no shoes on and fill my eyes with happy people playing in the water and on the shore. I even got to ride an electric scooter and feel like a kid. All day I kept saying how much I loved what was going on, feeling so much gratitude and awe that I could have this full-on vacation experience just 10 miles from my home.

I’ll take that as an answer to my prayer…

And just to make sure I didn’t miss the answer that this was to my honeymoon vacation prayer, the Divine planted several nods to my wedding and honeymoon memories. This was time spent walking along the beach with my hubby. I got to have this beach resort experience almost completely free thanks to the spirit of celebration and generosity of my loved ones. And the two people who made it all happen were my bridesmaids!

Understandably, I thought our message today would be about taking a day off, but when Sedna showed up in the oracle cards, my inner guidance pointed out that there was some bigger magic going on here… the magic of the Divine answering prayers and proving the spiritual law of endless supply.

3 Steps to Tap into the Power of Answered Prayers

Here are 3 easy steps you can use to get connected with the Divine and the power of answered prayers:

1. Ask: What would feel good?

2. Listen: Notice what shows up.

3. Believe: When something comes along that sounds the bells and whistles of your yes-that-feels-magical alarm, believe it’s possible even if you can’t see how.

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Soul Connection

Supplies: A comfortable place. Paper. A pen.

  1. Take two deep breaths and become aware that you are inside your body.
  2. Now ask your soul to connect you with the sensation of endless supply, the sensation taht there is plenty of everything.
  3. Now ask your soul to make you aware of what would feel good.
  4. Write down what comes.
  5. Now ask your soul to help you feel the reality of it, even without knowing how it will happen.
  6. Now draw circles around your goodies on paper to magnify the sensation of the magic making it happen for your real life experience.
  7. Now thank your soul for magnetizing your goodies to you and feel the sensation of their reality again this week.