This week, our messenger is the goddess Eireen, who brings us a message of peace, declaring, “There is no need to worry, as everything is working out beautifully.”

Enchanted Message

This week, the big news for me is… I got in a fender bender. And there couldn’t be a better messenger than Eireen to do the obvious by supporting me in finding peace with it, but to also do the extraordinary by echoing and celebrating the fact that peace is exactly what I’m already creating around it. Woo woo times 2! Plus 3 cheers for me. Plus the 4 gifts of peace that came of it all…

Gift 1: Total Self-Acceptance

What I’m really proud of myself for is that my accident didn’t happen from angry driving, which is something I used to do a lot of as I’ve shared about before, and I didn’t beat myself up for it. When something like this happens, many of us are inclined to think about what we could have done differently, and those thoughts came up for a second, but ultimately I’m just really willing to accept that it happened. That’s a huge. There has been no ruling yet about who’s fault it was, but what’s new with me is that, while I believe I was merging properly, I don’t NEED it to be NOT my fault. What’s new with me is that it’s ok if I made a mistake or did something imperfectly. It was just an accident and it’s ok.

I am so grateful to myself for all of the internal storytelling growth I have done, as you can read about and learn to do in my book The Realm: Claim Your Total Magnificence, because it has made this moment of total self-acceptance possible.

Gift 2: Channeled Encouragement

My Soul Candy Retreat Partner, Sharri Hillman, called me about 5 minutes after my accident to tell me how psychic I am for a message I had sent her earlier in the day, and now, when she heard of my accident, she reminded me that this too was a divinely orchestrated show of support and that I could understand the message in it by thinking of the car as an extension of my body and using bodily meanings to help decipher the meaning. In this conversation we opened a channel to divine guidance and here’s what we discovered about the message in a white work truck bumping into the left side of my car while merging, with no injuries and only minor cosmetic damage:

  • White work truck – Has been established in my personal symbol system as a symbol of the divine support that is doing the work for me behind the scenes. Read more here…
  • Left side – The spiritual, feminine, receptive side.
  • Merging – This is about the transformation that comes of bringing two things together.
  • No injuries – I am safe.
  • Cosmetic damage – Superficial changes that do not effect functionality.
  • THE MESSAGE – I have been in a time of merging my spiritual side with my work life in a greater way, and the bumps that are happening along the way may not look perfect on the surface, but I am safe and everything is still working. Divine support bumped into me to let me know it’s still very much there for me.

Gift 3: Long-Term Support

And to add more peace to all of this divine orchestration is the evidence of long-term spiritual support that it brings into my awareness. The fact that it used my long established spiritual communication platform of cars is no coincidence. Just two weeks ago, in our message, I wondered if magic was still happening because I was used to getting most of my magic in the car and I hadn’t been in the car much anymore, and now something huge happened in the car that I could not overlook. Not only was this a show of magical support, but it was emphasizing the long-term nature of that support. And then it went even deeper by involving a white work truck, a symbol that was established 1 year ago to the week!… What!?!!!… by way of another symbol that was established 3 years earlier, after almost two decades of set up. Building a message to reach this level of significance for me is the sign of such a generous and doting provider.

Now, add in my long history of theorizing about the vehicular phenomenon of merging. For over twenty years I have been discussing theories about why merging is so challenging for people and what the best approach to merging is. Plus, I often think about merging as an example of something that I DON’T get nervous about, but that I am confident enough about to stay present with, trusting that I will know exactly what to do when it’s time to take action. In fact, I just had this thought last week after feeling nervous in a social situation! So, getting such a strong message involving merging is more of that generous and doting provider showing me just how much I am known, just how long my spiritual support has been by my side, and just how powerful my thoughts and words are in influencing what I am provided with in my physical reality… and that leads us to manifestation…

Gift 4: Manifestation Magnification

OMG, as a writer it takes a lot of maturity to change something clever in your writing when you know it doesn’t serve the bigger picture. What I’m talking about is how I took the phrase “it’s no accident” out of the section above, replacing it with “it’s no coincidence,” even though it was so fitting in a message about a car accident… because… look at that message from two weeks ago! Look how I used that very collision conjuring phrase in the same contemplation where I talked about having magic show up when in the car. AND I used the word BOOM! And now I’ve had an accident in the car! Even when I first used the term BOOM, I had second thoughts! (Read my new perspective about all of this.)

So how does THIS become a gift of peace today? Our messenger Eireen just won’t allow me to ignore the heightened manifestation powers of our words as we go deeper into our spiritual connection, which goes deeper automatically in the Winter. So perhaps I manifested an accident with my words… and still, Eireen points out, all is well… all is divinely orchestrated. And then she says if I look with magical eyes I can see that now is a good time to use my words to manifest other physical goodies into my life… goodies that bring peace the easy way. Ok, yes, I say YES to that.

So here I am using my words to get ALL those of you out there who are called to deep spiritual connection through channeling tapped in, in this mind-opening, soul-connecting, life-changing channeling course.


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Soul Connection

Supplies: Pen. Paper. A comfortable place.

  1. Take two deep breaths and become aware that you are inside your body.
  2. Now ask your soul to bring 4 goodies to you in your physical reality.
  3. Now write down your 4 goodies.
  4. Now trace each goody with your pen 4 times as you say Thank You for it.
  5. Now thank your soul and your divine support for these goodies and remember them with faith and hope as you keep your eye out for them and for signs of them this week.