Soul Candy is all about Soul Connection!

SOUL CANDY Institute is an organization dedicated to connecting the magnificent people of this amazing human race with the wonders of our souls. At SOUL CANDY, we know that when we are connected with our soul, all our dreams come true and we create immense goodness in the world as we share our life-affirming soul gifts and carry out our wondrous soul purpose.

Your soul has so much joy and goodness for you! And SOUL CANDY is here to help you have the dream come true life it has planned.

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Meet the woman behind Soul Candy Institute

Gina Grant | Soul Candy

Gina Grant

Gina Grant, founder of the magical Soul Candy Institute, is a visionary author, screenwriter and mystic who uses her spiritual gifts to help people connect with their souls. Her work is founded on the principle that connecting with your soul is the way to make your dream-come-true life a reality, and she provides avenues for this connection for people all across the spectrum of practical vs. spiritual thinking…