Channeling Course #1:
Channeling Redefined

Not your grandmother’s idea of channeling…

We’re redefining channeling in this soulful and empowering course because we want you to have that direct line of communication with the Divine that is your birthright.

Back in my grandmother’s day, channeling was a term used exclusively for one kind of channeling, the most sensational kind, even though we are spiritually provided with so many other kinds of channeling for support. And it was often considered “dark” and “unsafe” and therefore off-limits. These were misunderstandings that had been fostered for ages, keeping so many people feeling deeply alone in this great big world, sometimes full of fear about what might be out there in the darkness or about their ability to manage their lives. This fear and loneliness is a direct result of not being allowed to access that deep and mystical connection with the highest kind of goodness that is the Divine itself.

Now, we are taking back this powerful connection. We are shining a light on the truth about the LIGHT in channeling, the total goodness, and its power to support you in your life in so many ways as a line of direct connection with the Divine.

Discover a direct line of connection to the Divine…

In this introduction to channeling, we will explore the inner workings of channeling… what it is, how it works, how you’re already doing it, and how to do it purposefully and with increasing ability. If you’ve seen Ester Hicks channel the advanced wisdom of higher dimensional being Abraham, you’ve seen channeling in one of its most sensational forms. What you might not know is that other equally sensational forms of channeling include psychic and mediumship readings, as well as the healing practices of empaths and spiritual healers.

Less obvious, still, and quieter than these forms of channeling, are the channeling that happens in all acts of creativity, in many of our heart-to-heart conversations, in the instincts and guidance that come from within, and in those moments when we are noticing signs and messages in our daily life. These quiet acts of channeling are the starting place for sensational channeling gifts to emerge from and always a direct line of connection to the Divine which enriches our lives in the deepest and most meaningful of ways.

In this course we will explore the quiet and the sensational as we discover your innate channel and those practices that best align you with it. You’ll learn all the fundamental techniques from our wildly popular Psychic Development Course (read what students are saying) covering psychic, empathic and mediumship practices, as well as techniques for channeling higher dimensional wisdom and divine genius. This will be a soulful and magical time of discovery.


  • Find out…
    • What channeling is
    • Where the information comes from
    • How it works
  • Learn how to channel…
    • Higher dimensional wisdom
    • Divine genius (for inspired creativity)
    • Psychic, empathic and mediumship messages
    • Oracle messages
  • Open the channel to…
    • Daily signs and messages (for a deepening of spiritual connection)

Class Goodies

  • 10 Emailed Lessons – Quick, easy readings + exercises.
  • Private Weekly Q&A – Email questions & get channeled answers on Tues & Fri.
  • Two 30-min Phone Sessions – Private consultation with Gina.

Class Schedule (PST)

  • Lessons Start: Noon on Sunday, June 10th.
  • Calls: To be scheduled at your convenience after enrollment.
  • Related Event: Me Time, Tea Time in OC, May 20 and June 9, learn more…


During this two-week course you will receive 10 lessons. Each lesson will include descriptions, pictures and hands-on activities that are easy to understand, sent to you via email in PDF form. One lesson will be sent to you everyday at noon for the first 10 days of the course. Each lesson is 2-5 pages long, about 30-40 minutes to complete. You will be free to do your lessons at times that are convenient for you and email your responses and questions before midnight on Mondays and Thursdays. I will channel answers to your questions and email them back to you on Tuesdays and Fridays. On days 11, 12 and 13, you will have a chance to catch up on your lessons, practice your skills and ask your remaining questions. Each person will learn differently, depending on your individual soul’s plan, so I will be there to help you discover your unique spiritual gifts and soul’s purpose.


CALL #1: DISCOVER YOUR GIFTS – We will connect in the first week of the course to discuss your past experiences, what you’re discovering with your lessons and answer your questions. I’m here to love you and help you see the magic in you.

CALL #2:  PRACTICE YOUR SKILLS – We will connect during the second week of the course to give you a chance to practice your channeling skills with me in a loving and encouraging environment. I create a safe space for beginners to build trust… I’m on your side and I know you are just getting started. We’ll experiment, laugh and be dazzled by the Divine.

Online Channeling Course

For our friends from far or near, we invite you to enroll now and enjoy deep and rich spiritual development in the comfort of your own home.

Channeling @ Tea Time

For our friends who’d like some tea with their channeling, we invite you to enroll here for the online Channeling Course + Me Time, Tea Time (tea cups and tea leaves readings with the girls on June 9th, noon to 3pm, in Fountain Valley).

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