Channeling the Muse


Opening the Flow of Creative Genius

with Gina Grant

I’m Gina Grant, author, mystic and founder of Soul Candy Institute, here to bring you this $150k event. I say this because that’s how much I invested in my creative writing education, and now I’m going share its secrets with you. The tools and techniques I developed during my education have turned out a bestselling book, a feature film script that was championed at Sony, a television pilot that was championed at NBC, and countless other works including blogs, courses, workshops, videos, ceremonies, events and the soulful Mystic Woman lesson that this workshop is based on. But as triumphant as these creations look on a resume, the real success in them is the soul connection I experience in my creative process. It’s as rewarding as any meditation I have ever done, if not more, and I’m going to share the secret to that success with you, too.

Learn simple practices to…

  • Make contact and build trust with the genius in your soul
  • Get your inner genius flowing into your awareness
  • Collect the outpouring of genius on paper or elsewhere
  • Dissolve writer’s and other creativity blocks
  • Raise your wellness through creative expression


  • 4 Access Points to the Genius in Your Soul
  • 4 Hands-On Tools for Collecting Your Soul’s Genius
  • 4 Hands-On Techniques to Open the Flow

Use what you learn to…

  • Write your book, your blog, your story
  • Design your workshop, your event, your program
  • Connect with yourself, your body, your soul
  • Bring into form the gift your soul has to share with the world

About channeling my book…

“I had felt called to write a book in my early twenties… but I couldn’t fully wrangle what was trying to emerge from within me until more than a decade later. It wasn’t until I started to realize that my insights were more than just part of my natural intelligence and training that the bottle neck gave way to an open channel for the whole bundle of genius to come through.”

July Workshop $65 (Regularly $85)

  • Saturday, July 13th
  • 10am-1pm
  • Costa Mesa @ Marilynn‘s Luminous Home
    (address provided in your receipt)
  • $65 early bird enrollment until July 8th
  • $85 regular enrollment until July 10th

If you’re feeling like there’s something special within you and you want to give it life, or simply find out what it is, this workshop is for you. I’ll set you up to connect with the genius in your soul, to make use of indispensable tools and techniques for getting the creative flow going… and keeping it going, and to discover what works for you in the creative process. Come join me for a truly inspiring time.