This week our message comes to us from the Gnome of the Oracle of the Realm who invites us to nestle into the comfy, cozy home that we have in the earth of our own souls.

Enchanted Message

For me this week has been a time of deep inward journeying and spiritual activity in response to some big emotions that are showing up to help me deepen my relationship with myself. It’s pretty magical the way all the stars align to guide us when it’s time for us to move into a new level of joy and thriving. But it may not always be obvious that what those stars are doing is a good thing until later.

What the heck am I talking about? I’m talking about all the poking and prodding that has gone on in my life in the last two weeks to push up some false beliefs that I learned in childhood…

  • I’m a burden
  • I need too much
  • I don’t matter

What’s happened has been so uncomfortable that it’s easy to look at it and think something is wrong, but the truth is, something is very right. Because it’s time for me to experience a greater level of comfort in my life, my soul has brought these beliefs to the forefront of my attention so that they can be dissolved and replaced with beliefs that allow this new reality to emerge. I have asked for this… to be elevated into something more wonderful than before. And in order for this to happen, these very beliefs needed to be unearthed and released.

And so, all those divinely appointed stars have done their aligning magic to make it happen…

  • 10 days ago, there were the family conversations about some childhood experiences that brought on the false beliefs.
  • 8 days ago, there was the food poisoning.
  • 7 days ago, there was the post-food poisoning weakness and depletion that created ripe conditions for buried childhood emotions to come up in a bout of angry crying.
  • 5 days ago, there was another bout of food-poisoning-aftermath+childhood-emotion-induced crying.
  • 3 days ago, there was the business situation that poked at the false beliefs and linked them to the crying, plus the channeling techniques I used to call in guidance, then support, then transformation.
  • 2 days ago, there were the two experts who showed up to help me work with the feelings, recognize the beliefs and choose new beliefs to replace them with.

And so today, I have new beliefs…

  • I am allowed to take up space in the world
  • I am a reasonable person
  • I matter to ME

This is more than a willful use of affirmations (which is a great way to support yourself). It’s an embodiment. These new beliefs dawned on me in the aftermath of the events above BECAUSE of the events above. And the events above occurred in just the right order to raise me into a new level because I keep an open channel of communication with the divine which shows up to answer prayers about rising to a new level. And now I feel like a deep shift has happened within.

This shift was possible because of so many of my channeling practices, including what The Gnome calls us to do… go inward and nestle with our souls. Whether you have opened the channel to divine support for elevation and shifts, or not, if you find yourself going through a time that just seems to poke on the same low feeling or belief repeatedly, you can recognize the opportunity in it rather than think of it as a problem.

And you can support yourself with 3 channeling steps…

  1. Ask within for the higher truth… about the good that’s trying to come of it.
  2. Ask within for guidance… about how to use it rather than trying to push it away.
  3. Ask within for support… from the source of those aligning stars, to help you have the shift or the gift that is trying to happen for you, and to lead you to any helpers or experts who are meant to help you.

An important aspect of walking through something like this, and allowing it to do something good for you, is total self-acceptance, which is the biggest thing that is going on in my life right now. And if it sounds like something you could go for in your life right now, check out our new channeling program… it does so much more for you than open up the flow of deep and meaningful mystic experience, which it absolutely does, but it also opens up the lines of communication and connection with your deep inner self, where the tender vulnerable human part of you can be heard and where there is a powerhouse mastermind part of you who knows just how to give you the beautiful life your heart desires.

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Soul Connection

Supplies: A comfortable place. Paper. A pen.

  1. Take two deep breaths and become aware that you are inside your body.
  2. Now ask your soul to show you a sign when it’s time for you to rise to a new level of joy and thriving.
  3. Now ask your soul what a new level of joy and thriving would look like for you?
  4. Write down what comes.
  5. Now take a moment to know that your soul will give you that sign.
  6. Now thank your soul for all the guidance it gives you and keep alert for guidance this week.