This week, our messenger is the Intuition Unicorn, who invites us to listen for the quiet whisper within.

Enchanted Message

It’s Winter… the time for hibernation is here. That doesn’t mean we’ll sleep the WHOLE winter, but if you’re like me, it might mean you sleep MORE, like I did this afternoon in a long luxurious nap… and rest MORE like I did this week at a long luxurious spa day I was gifted… and feel MORE of the magical dimensions and energies in your being like I did this morning as I channeled a reorganized understanding of something from last week’s message. I like to think of how the fallen leaves of fall make their way deep into the earth, into that cozy hug of soil, where they are cradled with love as they rest and recharge, reorganize and reinvent themselves into something new that will emerge in spring. That’s what I feel happening in my being in this magical time of heightened spiritual connectivity.

Winter’s Unique Magic

In Winter the magic is high. Not manifestation magic like in the harvest times of summer and fall, but communication beyond the veil magic… and that means channeling, intuition, listening to the quiet whisper within. What I channeled this morning about last week’s message brings this very distinction, between manifestation magic and spiritual communication magic, to light. I talked about how my words may have manifested a fender bender.

But I changed my mind about that.

There’s a bigger question involved in this contemplation, one that I posed in a message from a few years back, and now the channel has opened to answer it… well… or better yet, bring a deeper understanding to it. The question is:

Did I see the future, or did I manifest it?

Here are the overlapping understandings that channeled through this morning to offer insight to this question:

  • Co-Creation – This is at the heart of the Free Will slash Predestination contemplation, which is answered in many spiritual traditions with an acceptance of paradox. Both are happening at once. We are creating our life experience as we go AND our life has a divinely appointed destiny, making us co-creators in partnership with the magic.
  • Magic Words – Yes, we have the power to manifest real things with our words, to make a way out of no way, to make something where nothing was before. That’s why we can think of all of our words as magic words. And that’s why we can create so much more of what we want in our lives when we choose our words with intention. Here we are creating our experience with our free will.
  • Grace – Grace is the divine energy of providing goodness without requiring anything in return. This means that even though we have the power to manifest with our words, we do not have to walk on eggshells because of it or EVER believe that we will be punished for not doing it perfectly. There’s room for us to just be who we are and to feel safe. We can’t screw it up. Here we are benefiting from the predestination factor. Good is ALWAYS happening for us.
  • Premonition Buzz – There is a charge, like a buzz or tingle, however subtle, on a premonition that is different than the charge on a fantasy or daydream. When we are attuned to the subtleties of our spiritual communication gifts, we can sense this difference.

What does this all mean for the causation of my fender bender?

One of my particular spiritual communication gifts is having premonitions of the future. As you may have read in past messages, I have had some huge ones that I could not ignore the significance of once the event that was being forecast had come to pass. Whether big or small events, I don’t always notice the premonition buzz in the busyness of my everyday life activities until after the fact. Now, in retrospect, as I mentioned in last week’s message, I definitely had a charge when writing the word BOOM. And after further contemplation, I recognize this charge as premonition buzz. I am certain that my usage of the word was a premonition of my fender bender.

The fluff

Does that mean that it WASN’T an act of manifestation? Hmmm, from the highest levels of understanding, in the airy fairy woo woo ether of the heavens and cosmos’s, in the eternal dimensions outside of time and space, it was certainly both a premonition and a manifestation. From that high perspective we know that we manifest everything we experience AND that we already know about it somewhere in our being, especially because there’s no such thing as ‘already’ in a dimension that does not actually have different points in time since it does not actually have any presence of time at all. That’s a whole lot of fluffy words for those of us who like fluff.

So back to human level reality… 

For practical purposes, I take that as an invitation to decide for myself what I want to think about my fender bender so that I can use my co-creative power to create the best possible life experience for myself, one that reflects the immense generosity, providence and affection of the magic. And here’s what I choose: my word choice 3 weeks ago was a premonition and the accident it predicted was divinely appointed. I will not walk on eggshells with my word choice in the future, knowing that grace is always operating to bring goodness to me, but I will still choose my words with intention, knowing that I am co-creating my reality. BOOM! Love it!

So that’s what channeled this morning. Then a nap happened. And now I’m inviting you to take advantage of this magical time of year when the veil is thin and the spiritual communication is channeling through so easily. Join me and the deeply connected Spiritual Practices Expert Shanta Marie for two weeks of richly packed channeling guidance.


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Soul Connection

Supplies: Pen. Paper. A comfortable place.

  1. Take two deep breaths and become aware that you are inside your body.
  2. Now ask your soul to bring you the sensation of being connected with your intuition.
  3. Now ask your soul to remind you of times when your intuition were speaking to you.
  4. Write down what comes.
  5. Now ask your soul to heighten your intuition this week and help you notice that quiet whisper from within when it comes.
  6. Now thank your soul for spiritual communication and listen for that voice this week.