Gina Grant, founder of the magical Soul Candy Institute, is a visionary author, screenwriter and mystic who uses her spiritual gifts to help people connect with their souls. Her work is founded on the principle that connecting with your soul is the way to make your dream-come-true life a reality, and she knows that if you have come to her for guidance, you are ready to live your dreams.



Gina’s mystical gifts, including psychic and empathic perception and mediumship, have been present since the earliest days of her life when the childhood aspect of her soul remained in open connection beyond the veil well after she came into a physical body. As a small child, she counseled her elders with channeled wisdom and experienced claircognizance originating from the same source. In her teens she began having precognizant visions and in her 30’s began recognizing the communication she was having with spirit guides and passed loved ones.

Gina Grant | Soul Candy Institute


Today, Gina serves a small group of special souls who are meant to connect with her in this lifetime to bring their souls’ wondrous plans for their lives into physical, real life expression. Through Soul Candy Mystic Pathways programs, custom course programs and mentorship, she uses her channeling gift to provide guidance as these sensitive ones align with their souls, activate their unique magical gifts, and manifest their dream lives.

With 30 years of personal and spiritual development experience, Gina is the author of more than three-dozen screenplays, books and workbooks, and courses, offering both practical and magical guidance. She has a B.A. in Literature from U.C. Santa Barbara and an M.F.A. in Screenwriting from U.C.L.A., and currently serves nationwide clients from her home base in Southern California.