The Realm Series

by Gina Grant

My lifelong study of storytelling has led me to link some of the most powerful insights of our time about happiness and success with our internal storytelling habits, and I’ve captured them in this book series, in quick, easy to understand chapters that include guided meditations and simple workbook activities. You can dramatically change the quality of your life and get those wonderful life experiences you’re dreaming of with a simple edit to your internal story.

Book 1 – The Realm: Claim Your Total Magnificence

We are all natural storytellers, continually telling ourselves a story about our lives to give our experience meaning. When we recognize and understand the storytelling elements we are already using, we can direct their immense power to create life experience that reflects our true magnificence.

Deep in the depths of your being, you know you are magnificent. In this book, you will learn to sustain your awareness of the total magnificence that is always the truth about you, so that you can experience power and purpose and pleasure, safety and support and belonging, endlessly. And you’ll see that you are meant to live a dream life full of uplifting relationships, meaningful adventure and triumph.


  • Locate and claim the authority to live your dream life
  • Connect with your deep inner magnificence and let it guide all your experience
  • Create an inviting castle within as a system of support that is always there for you
  • Surround yourself with majestic kings and queens who adore and support you
  • Experience your life as a magical adventure full of discoveries and gifts
  • Discover that all the power you find in your universe is on your side

Book 2 – The Realm of True Love: Embrace Your Divine Partnership

“For those who are called to Divine Partnership, it will be written in the fabric of who you are. It will be encoded in the DNA of your being and you will know it by your attraction to this transcendent kind of love.


The precise specifications of your personal calling to divine partnership will be absolutely unique to you, but the foundation of Divine Partnership as a structure will be the same for everyone… to love like kings and queens without ceasing… to unite with another to nurture the brightest versions of each other and support each other in answering the purposeful callings that live within…”

Coming July 7, 2018 | Gina’s 1st Wedding Anniversary


“Experiencing the guided meditations of The Realm was both transformative and illuminating. The queen, king and other royalty metaphors for viewing one’s life purpose and destiny are uplifting and confidence inspiring. They allowed me to see the love and support already present in my life and to tap into the inner strength I needed to achieve my career goals.”

Robyn Paris

Filmmaker, "The Room Actors: Where Are They Now? A Mockumentary"

“I have not seen anything else, even looking at Jung’s work, that actually put’s it together in a box, in a package that you can use, the way this is.  It will create change on a deeper level.  it’s not just light about fairies and wonderful magic things…it’s much, much deeper than that.”

Dr. Colbey Forman

Dean & Founder, Beurin University