This week our message comes to us from “Mother Earth” who brings us something a little different than her usual. Usually she invites us to make a connection with the earth in some way, but this time she’s inviting us to make a connection with anything divine.

Enchanted Message

Winter is here and the magic is high because the veil between the tangible human world and the magical unseen world is effervescently thin. This makes it the perfect time to connect with the divine, or to put it another way, to engage with an open channel to the divine, as Mother Earth invites us to do with her very presence today.

It’s no accident…

What I mean is, she knocked my magical socks off by showing up in the oracle cards after I was definitively guided to pull a messenger from the Goddess deck. This was after channeling a message for us today about the Mystic Pathways channeling experience I’m creating with Spiritual Practices Expert Shanta Marie, who happens to channel Mother Earth as a spiritual service! Seriously. My channeling program partner channels the same Goddess who showed up in the cards to be the messenger for this message about our channeling program! It’s no accident. The ink is not yet dry on Mother Earth’s name where it appears in one of the lessons I just completed today for the program, and I am just dazzled.

Here’s how it happened:

When I grabbed the Goddess deck, I pulled a few cards and knew that none of them were our card. With that, a clear guidance channeled to me that said I could no longer be haphazard when picking oracle cards. Before, as is true for all of us in the early stages of our work with oracles, we can trust that whatever comes is the right thing. But then there comes a time when your inner guidance, your inner magic, that channeling that comes through from your direct line of communication with the divine… there comes a time when that inner magic supersedes any message that the cards might be superficially expressing.

And that’s what happened to me today. My guidance told me that my magic has graduated to a new level of practice and that I MUST do the entire channeling preparation routine that I have been taught and now teach in this new program, before choosing a card. Actually this has been the case for quite awhile, but it took me until today to really GET that it must be so.

And so I did. And so she came. My mind had no idea which Goddess I was sensing would come when I was guided that the first few cards were not for us, but I did know that when she showed up, I would know. And when she did, I did. Of course! I did my channeling prep, and she immediately materialized, the first card after being deliberate about the sacred practice of channeling.

Wow (which is upside-down for “Mom” which is short for “Mother” — woo woo woo!)… her presence in the oracle today is an answer to so many things…


  • Oracle cards? … as I began crafting this new channeling program with Spiritual Practices Expert Shanta Marie, I wondered if oracle cards had a place under the umbrella of channeling, and in a discussion about it we channeled some real clarity about why in fact it is— And then PRESTO, oracle card antics confirm with a big bright YES!


  • Magic? … as I sat down to write today’s message, I wondered if magic was still happening in my life, because with my new lifestyle, I’m in the car so far less frequently, and the car has been where so much of the magic has happened for me. — And BOOM, oracle card antics turn up another big bright YES!


  • Resonance? … as I reached for the Goddess deck after strong urgings channeled in to guide me to do so, I wondered if there was a Goddess who could bring today’s message about this channeling program through with resonance, and then I left the question unanswered with not even a single Goddess’s name coming to mind. — Et VOILA!… oracle card antics turn up a big bright YES again!

Yes, oracle cards are part of this new channeling program!

Yes, magic is still happening in my life, and yours!

And yes, there is a goddess who could demonstrate the power of channeling in today’s message.

More about channeling…

Oracle cards are indeed a form of channeling, in particular because of what we are guided to say or think about the cards we pull, as I was today, but no less significantly because of the guidance we follow in simply selecting a card in the first place. So, more on oracles including oracle cards, tea leaves and others, in the program.

And because channeling is decidedly about having an open “channel” for spiritual communication, in addition to work with oracles, it includes getting AND understanding any intuitive or empathic information that comes through, passed loved ones messages, creative genius, and even “randomly” getting signs in your daily life. (It’s not really random! 🙂 )

So our Mystic Pathways Channeling experience teaches how to tune in for all of these forms of channeling, PLUS what channeling is, where the information comes from, how it works and more.

Click here to learn more.

Soul Connection

Supplies: A comfortable place.

  1. Take two deep breaths and become aware that you are inside your body.
  2. Now ask your soul to make you aware of a moment of connection with something divine in your life.
  3. Now ask your soul to fill you with a sense of the significance of this connection.
  4. Now ask your soul to magnify this sensation and allow it to grow and grow and grow.
  5. Now be in this sensation until you feel complete.
  6. Now ask your soul to make you more aware of the divine around you this week.
  7. Now thank your soul for the high vibration of divine connection and expect a deeper sense of connection with the divine this week.