This week our message comes to us from Nemetona who invites us to visit a power place to connect with the Divine.

Enchanted Message

This week, Nemetona showed up to be our messenger even though I reshuffled her oracle deck after pulling her card once, thinking… no, no, no, she’s not really the messenger for this week’s message. Well, I shuffled her back into the deck and did my full channeling preparation routine and she showed up again. That’s when I realized why she is the perfect messenger for us today (and how right the amazing magic of the Divine always is!).

Nemetona’s encouragement to visit a power place to connect with the Divine is the exact right fit for what I want to share with you today. I want to share with you about the power place of connection with the Divine that is right there within you. It’s the power place you were born with for spiritual connection, and this week, while I was writing all about it and how magically the Divine works to connect with us there, I had my eyeballs fall out of my head with all the divine connection shenanigans that went on.

Like the ladybug who showed up on Thursday, for example, on my mom’s arm, right when she started talking about how she still connects with her dad who has been in spirit since 1979. The same ladybug who showed up on my twin sister’s arm the same day, right when she started talking about how she still connects with her dad (our dad) who has been in spirit since 1987. The same ladybug who showed up on my arm the same day, right when I started talking about how I still connect with my college boyfriend who has been in spirit since 1997. This happened over a span of hours to blow my mind, and now look at all those magic numbers… 9’s and 7’s! What?!

These kinds of magical connections with our passed loved ones and other kinds of spiritual guidance happen within us when we recognize them and sense their deep soulful truth because we have an open channel of communication with the Divine. This open channel of spiritual communication is our birthright. And yeah, it’s channeling.

Not your grandmother’s idea of channeling

Back in my grandmother’s day, channeling was a term used exclusively for one kind of channeling, the most sensational kind, even though we are spiritually provided with so many other kinds of channeling for support. And it was often considered “dark” and “unsafe” and therefore off-limits.

These were misunderstandings that had been fostered for ages, keeping so many people feeling deeply alone in this great big world, sometimes full of fear about what might be out there in the darkness or about their ability to manage their lives. This fear and loneliness is a direct result of not being allowed to access that deep and mystical connection with the highest kind of goodness that is the Divine itself.

Now, we are taking back this powerful connection. We are shining a light on the truth about the LIGHT in channeling, the total goodness, and its power to support you in your life in so many ways as a line of direct connection with the Divine.

This is your birthright, and Nemetona showed up today to validate this fact, knowing that I was going to be writing about connecting within and that she was going to be talking about visiting a power place to connect with the Divine… that power place is within, and that’s just where we are going in Soul Candy’s new …

I am so thrilled to finally get to share what I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into for the last 3 weeks…

Channeling Made Easy: Your Direct Link to the Source program, which has all the magic of our recent Channeling Courses, plus 6 new lessons, 6 videos, all new, and 5 questionnaires, 2 new.

I’m redefining channeling in this soulful and empowering program because I want you to have that direct line of communication with the Divine that is your birthright.

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Soul Connection

Supplies: A comfortable place. Paper. A pen.

  1. Take two deep breaths and become aware that you are inside your body.
  2. Now ask your soul to bring you a sense of connection with something magical within.
  3. Now ask your soul to tell you about that something magical within… what is it? … what does it do?
  4. Write down what comes.
  5. Now bask in this sensation of something magical.
  6. When you feel complete, ask your soul bring you more of this magical something within this week and say “Thank You” for the magic.
  7. This week, look for something magical.