Me Time, Tea Time

Host A “Me Time, Tea Time” Party

— in the comfort of your own home

  • Experience the ancient Chinese tradition of reading tea leaves.
  • Give your dearest loved ones the experience of spiritual connection and guidance.
  • Receive messages from your soul.
  • Be guided to understand the messages you and your loved ones are receiving.
  • Reach a deeper level of bonding in the meaningful conversation that arises.

INDIVIDUAL – Invite me to read for your guests individually, or…

GROUP – Allow me to guide the whole group in readings for each other.

“I thought this was just for fun, but my guests all said they got something meaningful out of it. At the end of the night they gathered around my table to tell each other about their messages.”
~ Long Beach resident (Individual Readings)

“This helped us have a deeper conversation than we normally do. To see things on the spiritual level… it was beautiful. I felt so connected with my son, I cried.”
~ Seal Beach resident (Group Reading)


Please use theĀ Inquiry form provided on this page.

* For more ways to experience a tea leaves reading with me, see my Soul Pampering Menu.