Modern Ritual

Something meaningful is happening in your life. You know it’s important. And so do we. We want to see you get the soul pampering of a custom ritual that sets you up for the exact quality of life you are choosing at this important time.

At Soul Candy, we know that your life changes and choices are just as important as weddings and birthdays, so we are here to make a big deal to support and honor you.

Modern Ritual Design

You may choose to have us provide personalization to your choice of our existing collection of original rites of passage or create a 100% custom ritual for your unique situation.

Soul Candy Rites of Passage

Some examples of our original rites of passage include:

  • The Red Ceremony for menarche, a biological marker of the beginning of womanhood
  • Soul Marriage, the celebration of, and commitment to lifelong soul connection
  • Enchanted Path, an 18th birthday ceremony for spiritual blessing and guidance (all birthdays applicable)
  • I Am Here, a releasing of what is past (including jobs, partners, homes) and an embracing of what new life lies ahead

Custom Ritual

Any meaningful change, choice or reason that whispers in your ear is a good reason for a ritual. It is significant. You are important. Here are just some of the reasons to celebrate and support yourself at this time in your life:

  • Births
  • New pets
  • New partners
  • Newly single
  • New identity
  • New homes
  • New jobs
  • New goals
  • New situations
  • Changing body

Custom Ritual Design Process

  • Discovery Phase – We start with a discovery meeting where you share about your situation and desires, and we guide the discovery process with questions as we learn about your priorities, values and dreams for your life.
  • Channeling Phase – At this time, we channel and collaborate to develop a plan for your ritual and may reach out to you with questions via email or phone.
  • Approval Phase – We pay close attention to your values as we work, so you may choose to allow your ritual to remain unknown to you for a strong mystical experience, or to review and sign off on the final ritual design in advance of the ritual. If you choose to have approval, when we have a draft, we send it to you for review, changes, and approval. We may finalize via email or have revisions meetings by phone or video chat until we have a polished final draft.
  • Preparation Phase – We provide you with a list of supplies needed for your ritual.

Gina and Shanta Marie come together to design modern rituals for all occasions. Meetings can be held in Huntington Beach, San Francisco or by phone or video.

Officiant Services

Officiation Includes

  • Preparation Session
    – We meet to prepare you for your ritual and provide you with instructions for the time leading up to your ritual.
  • Ritual Officiation
    – I set the tone you have chosen for you as I guide you through your ritual.
  • Ritual Certificate
    – We provide you with a keepsake ritual certificate.

Shanta Marie officiates rituals in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Orange County. Inquire about travel to other locations.


Scroll Package

  • Ritual Design Services

Illuminated Package

  • Ritual Design Services
  • Officiant Services

Haven Package

  • Ritual Design Services
  • Officiant Services
  • Venue Coordination