Mystic Pathways

Soul Candy currently offers independent study, email format and video format programs designed to connect you with your unique magical gifts and soul’s purpose:

Psychic Development & Channeling Programs

  • Learn about psychic energy & abilities.
  • Learn spiritual communication techniques.
  • Identify your unique magical gifts & skill set.

Soul Connection Programs

  • Identify and align with your soul’s perfect design.
  • Learn to tune in to the voice of your soul.
  • Learn steps to manifest your dream life.

Choose from our programs

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Channeling Course – 2 Weeks

Channeling Course - 2 Weeks

Connecting With Passed Loved Ones

Connecting With Passed Loved Ones - Independent Study

Unicorn Initiation – 11 Days

Unicorn Initiation - 11 Days

The Medusa Transformation

The Medusa Transformation - Independent Study