Mystic Woman


with Gina Grant

9 Months of Community & Discovery (3 months at a time)

I’m Gina Grant, author, mystic and founder of Soul Candy Institute, here to invite you into a world of wonder and rich inner connection called Mystic Woman. Here I guide you in an exploration and discovery of your unique, one-of-a-kind spiritual landscape. The landscape within involves the perfect design of you, your spiritual gifts and callings, and the spiritual powerhouse within you. The outward landscape includes the spiritual support that is with you, what’s going on around you energetically, and your immense energetic influence. I work with Mystic Woman participants in a variety of structures including single sessions, and now, I’m thrilled to present group and mentorship immersion experiences.

Mystic Woman –– Immersion Experience

  • Deepen your connection with yourself
  • Unearth your unique spiritual gifts
  • Discover the unseen world of support around you
  • Learn practical, hands-on techniques and practices
  • Spend quality time with dynamic, soulful women

Have you…

  • Sometimes FELT LOST or a sense of MEANINGLESSNESS? YES
  • Felt OVERWHELMED or TRIED TO AVOID your gifts? YES
  • Felt the weight of all the NEGATIVITY IN THE WORLD? YES
  • FELT ALONE or JUDGED because of being sensitive, different or gifted? YES
  • FUMBLED AROUND with your spiritual gifts and FELT UNCERTAIN? YES

Let’s put our gifts together and make some magic in Mystic Woman.

2019 GROUP ENROLLMENT IS CLOSED. Apply today and get on the wait list for Mystic Woman 2020. Coming in April 2020.  8 spots open. Tell your best friends, the ones you want to have beside you for this amazing experience.

MENTORSHIP ENROLLMENT IS OPEN. Apply today. 3 spots available.

Mysticism… what it can do for you

The unseen world of spiritual support is full of activity in the lives of all people. Mystics are simply those who live in the awareness of it. This support might be as subtle as nudging you to end up in the right place at the right time or as flashy as giving you spiritual messages from loved ones who have died, yours or others’. I personally would never go back to a life without my eyes open to this mystic wonder because it has enabled me to receive so much miraculous good in my life… partnership and professional dreams come true, healing of lifelong wounds and family legacies, and seeing for myself more of who I really am, how lovable, how worthwhile, how powerful, and even how magical. It turns out I am designed with unique gifts, and now I know what they are. This is the good that is available to us all when we say yes to spiritual connection and begin to look at things with new eyes, the eyes of a mystic.


Months 1-3: Spiritual Gifts

Discover your spiritual gifts, inner power and the immense unseen support around you.

  • The Powerhouse Within
  • Total Self-Acceptance
  • Your Unique Spiritual Gifts
  • Signs & Symbols
  • Guides & Passed Loved Ones
  • Energetic Influence
  • Chakra Calibration
  • Ritual, Relics & Regalia
  • Highly Sensitive Soul

Months 4-6: Tuning In

Open lines of communication and deepen connection to actively draw messaging and treasures to you.

  • Meditation
  • Raising Vibration
  • Trusting Spiritual Support
  • Unlimiting Your Receptivity
  • Intuition & Guidance
  • Tuning In For Messages
  • Oracles
  • Tea Leaves
  • Automatic Writing

Months 7-9: Personal Mysticism

Discover the advanced practices that unlock more joy and thriving for you.

  • Personal Mediumship
  • Ancestral Connection
  • Spiritual Healing for Yourself
  • Spiritual Healing for Others
  • Readings
  • Channeling Genius
  • Create Your Own Oracle
  • Create A Mystic Service
  • Your Calling to Service

Elevation… the secret to up-leveling your life

The most beneficial thing about having regular spiritual connection is that it raises your vibration. Vibration is essentially your well-being and the energetic signal you are putting out, which draws to you life experience that matches it. So when you have a high vibration, you feel good things like joy and peace and a sense of having a bright future, and you magnetize good things to you… people, opportunities, material treasures, and more. This is elevation at its most powerful, because, as you will come to discover during your Mystic Woman immersion, the healing and change-for-the-better that happens on the spiritual level, the vibrational level, is miraculously faster and more precise than anything we can do with our minds… and yes, those changes absolutely include things in the physical reality of our daily lives. Your high vibration also makes it possible for your spiritual gifts to be open and active.


Something for Every Budget

I know that spiritual gifts are present in women from all income levels, so I’ve created a variety of programs and investment levels to accomodate your schedules and budgets, with enrollment specials for Soul Scroll community members and enrollment assistance from our Mystic Woman fund, by request. Contact me for more info.

Group – $500 per Month

Forget the 9 hours per month of mystic wonder and connection, plus tons of take-home goodies, plus 30 years of spiritual development expertise you are getting from me in this life-lifting program… just the chance to come and be mystic and special together is worth the tuition.

Mentorship – $450 per Month ($275 with Tuition Assistance)

This is 30 years of spiritual development expertise, plus all my empathic gentleness and wisdom channel guidance, dedicated 100% to you… in a program tailored to the topics that most inspire you and support your development. Tuition assistance is available from our Mystic Woman fund, with code FUND.

How To Choose

When you invest in an experience, you open up your willingness to receive the benefits available to you. The more you invest, the more you activate your transformation potential. With this in your awareness, you can go within and ask what the right tuition is for you, one that feels like a significant investment and at the same time is within your means. You probably already know whether it’s the group tuition or the mentorship tuition, so take the first step to relief from feeling different and alone, greater comfort with your gifts, and unseen spiritual support that dissolves the struggles in your life. Apply now.


Community… set yourself up for a new reality that lasts

Because the mainstream thinking in our world today is often rooted in skepticism, conflict and fear, I dedicate much of my attention to making sure I continually renew my faith in a world where people are good to each other, blessings come easily and plentifully, and there absolutely is support all around me in the unseen spiritual dimension. I personally do this by choosing television and movies that are uplifting and often fantastical, by talking about the amazing things that happen in my life, and by meeting with others on a regular basis who also choose an uplifting and spiritually-charged world. Without this community support, it is very difficult to maintain a high vibration that delivers dreams come true, inner peace and spiritual gifts. And that is why it is so important to me to make my 9-month Mystic Woman program available to you. I can completely imagine how much more success and thriving you will experience when you have long-term immersion in community support that sees the miracles in you and your life.

Group Schedule


  • May 11, 2019 – January 11, 2020
  • The 1st Saturday of each month, mostly*
    | May 11* | June 1 | (July) June 29* |
    | Aug 3 | Sept 7 | Oct 5 |
    | Nov 2 | Dec 7 | Jan 11* |
    *not the first Saturday
  • Saturday 10am-4pm

Optional Wednesdays Online

  • 90-min online, twice a month
    | May 15, 22 | June 5, 19 | July 10, 24 |
    | Aug 14, 28 | Sept 11, 25 | Oct 9, 23 |
    | Nov 13, 27 | Dec 11, 18 | Jan 8 |
  • More time to connect & be special with me
  • Wednesday 7pm-8:30pm

Mentorship Format


  • 2 meetings per month
  • 90-minutes each
  • Online or in person
  • Scheduled to accommodate your schedule


  • Private sessions
  • Sequence of topics tailored just for you
  • All topics covered in 9 months
  • Monthly practice trackers included
  • PDF lessons delivered monthly

Ceremony… powerful alignment with the soul

Having participated in an honored ceremonial tradition since I was 13, I have firsthand knowledge of the power of ceremony to connect the body and mind with the soul’s plan. When one of the treasures your soul has for your life is mystic experience, a ceremony is called for because of its power to draw all of the energies of your being onto the path of receiving it. Your mind gets to explore and adopt new ideas and principles for living. Your body gets to carry out the story of mystic wonder and assistance that you are choosing for your life. And your soul gets to guide all of this meaningful activity as it materializes the mystic wonder it has had in store for your life since before you were born. It is because of this immense power of ceremony that it is woven into Mystic Woman as one of the highlights of your community experience.

Ceremony & Certification

At Mystic Woman, we will start with a Mystic Initiation ceremony in Mystic Woman 1, the first 3 months, deepen with a Trust ceremony in Mystic Woman 2, the next 3 months, and graduate with a Mystic Ascension ceremony and certification in Mystic Woman 3, the final 3 months.

Is This For Me?

Yes, if you’ve sometimes FELT LOST or a sense of MEANINGLESSNESS…

When you are designed with spiritual gifts you will be called to live with their benefits… and life may feel meaningless or you may feel lost until you discover and embrace them. Once you embrace them, a whole new sense of who you are emerges.

Yes, if you’ve felt OVERWHELMED or TRIED TO AVOID your gifts…

If you’ve felt uncomfortable or overwhelmed in crowds or public, by spiritual or energetic experiences, or with the burdens of other people, you can learn to manage your gifts for bodily and emotional comfort so that you can really discover and live in the benefits of them.

Yes, if you’ve felt the weight of all the NEGATIVITY IN THE WORLD…

The world is cynical, but we are full of magic… so we need to find people and spend time immersed in this truth to create a lasting shift in our reality. We really can live in light that lasts.

Yes, if you’ve FELT ALONE or JUDGED because of being sensitive, different or gifted…

Spend quality time with other ‘normal’ women who have spiritual gifts and move from being “different” to being “special”… together. You really are designed perfectly, for a reason, and there really is seen and unseen support for you.

Yes, if you’ve FUMBLED AROUND with your spiritual gifts and FELT UNCERTAIN…

You have everything you need within you to fully develop your spiritual gifts, so why have a teacher? Because if one is showing up and you feel an attraction to them, they are actually a gift from within you, from your soul plan, to quicken your development and free up your energy from questions like… “Am I doing this right?”… “Am I making this up?” … so you can fully embrace what you are discovering.

Yes, This Is For You…

… if your heart sings and your spirit dances to imagine that in days from now, you will be spending time with other soulful ladies feeling seen and wanted, feeling delighted with who you are designed to be, tapping into your genius and your guidance and even connecting with some loved ones who are now in spirit. And then when you go home, feeling happy to hang out at home alone knowing that you are not alone, feeling dazzled with signs and synchronicities, and seeing so much more of the light that is in the world and the people in it. Yes, all of this is for you.