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I’ve been living with PMDD for 35 years.

Hi, I’m Gina Grant. I’ve been living with PMDD for 35 years—for many of those years going it mostly alone and in the dark. Dysphoria for 2 to 3 weeks each menstrual cycle, and there wasn’t any information around. There was no support. It didn’t even have a name—not in the mouths or minds of anyone I was talking to. So I fumbled through a discovery process over many years, putting the pieces of a pattern in place in my awareness and trying, of course, to make the most of my life in the midst of so much recurring inner trouble.

Some of my experiences include intense feelings of anger about the workings of the world, injustice, greed. Irrational fear and a sense of not being safe. Massive social anxiety. Mind fog that makes it difficult to plan things, make decisions or remember things. Under eating due to loss of appetite and disgust with strong flavors. Fatigue. Overstimulation. Irritability. Homebody-ness and discomfort with unfamiliar places and people.

Only recently did I learn that this pattern has a name and is a recognized disability due to its destabilizing impact. Imagine building a house on sand and the tide rolling in like clockwork to wash away the progress you’ve made, over and over and over. Maybe you don’t have to imagine it. Maybe you’re living it. Anyone who lives with PMDD is heroic for showing up again and again to make a go of it. I know I am. I mean, yeah, it has taken tremendous strength. I’ve worked doggedly to build lifestyle components that support me and find ways to feel better. And I’ve landed on some good ones that I want to share with you, so you can find out if they ease your PMDD experience, too. That’s why I created PMDD Corner. Welcome. I hope you find some comfort here.


Focus on comfort during the dysphoria days… find some helpful ways right here.


A spiritual force more powerful than vibration… be blessed even if you aren’t at your best.


A faster path to comfort and shift… listen to your feelings with intention.


Dysphoria eases for me when I engage in childlike activities… perhaps it’s the same for you.

PMDD comfort corner for sensitive women

Menstrual… no joke.

Having grown up in a time when anything menstrual was to be joked about and dismissed as “female stuff,” I find it important to say out loud that this is not something to be shrugged off. It is life-threatening for many people due to the dysphoria we are living with for two to three weeks each month. Dysphoria is defined as “a profound state of dissatisfaction and unease,” but these words hardly capture the suffering and destabilization involved. Suicide rates are high among those living with this condition.

There is a lot I could share about how it is for me—it’s complex and there are a lot of details and nuances to my personal patterns, but for now let me just say that my spiritual practices, intellectual strategies, and natural tenacity have made it possible for me to avoid any life-threatening events and be comforted during the dysphoric weeks of my months. I am able to find beauty, comfort and of course, as you may know, magic, in my life, despite how much PMDD has cost me and how much it is still very present in my life.

How it is for me…

In the early years, I lived swept up in the emotions and moods that came on, not realizing they were hormonally induced, just acting on them by dismantling the things in my life that seemed to be causing me so much discomfort. Ending relationships. Leaving jobs. Moving to different cities and states.

But eventually I realized that whatever it was that was ailing me, it was going with me wherever I went. So I started to look within for something I could change to find relief. The more I looked, the more ashamed I grew of my moods and the more unsettled I became by my inability to be consistent. I’d make a great connection with a new friend one day, make plans a week or two out to do something fun, and by the time the plans rolled around, be utterly exhausted, awkward, and a let down. Eventually I dimmed my light so as not to attract new friends and be a disappointment.

And you can imagine how that kind of pattern bodes for a screenwriting career in the film industry, where networking is the only possible path to a paying gig. In the dysphoria weeks, I couldn’t rely on myself to show up to a meeting with a film professional with confidence or even remember who I was, thanks to the mind fog. All the great things I could share about my accomplishments, values and vision—poof, gone. It came to the point, I just couldn’t talk at all to anyone who might be able to help me forward my career. I would just freeze and go blank.

And in my work as a spiritual teacher and entrepreneur, more of the same. I couldn’t be sure how I would show up to my group events—bright and welcoming like sometimes, or awkward and blank-headed like other times. I couldn’t be consistent with a daily social media presence due to the drops in my energy and how that effected my social demeanor, nor schedule events more than a month out with any certainty about what part of my cycle I’d be in.

But I tried and tried and tried. I meditated. I said affirmations. I made vision boards, asked better questions, replaced negative thoughts with positive ones. I cut sugar out of my diet for six years. And those things helped. A little. But the dysphoria returned every month and whittled down the gains I had made in the good weeks—in my career efforts, in my business efforts, in my self-trust, and especially in my sense of self-worth. I just felt I was failing over and over again to be a positive person, to be a successful person, to take charge of my destiny and implement Law of Attraction strategies properly. Ugh—it was sooooo painful and exhausting.

But I’m doing a few things differently now and it’s helping.

I’m doing things differently now…

… and it’s helping.

Expanding Law of Attraction

Overwhelming Failure

For me, having hormonally generated dysphoria every month for 35 years means I have lived in low vibrations for over half of my time, for over three quarters of my life, and that means there is no way for me to possibly maintain the high vibration required for a beautiful life, according to common Law of Attraction teachings. Pretty disheartening stuff. So, what it has boiled down to for me is a choice between an overwhelming and heartbreaking sense of failure or a courageous venture into total self-acceptance and grace.

Just Add Grace…

Receiving blessings whether I’m earning it in the vibrational department or not—I’m here for that. And I have seen it at work in my life. Some of my biggest blessings have come when I was in some of my lowest places.

Blessings in Low Places

  • Meeting the first great love of my life came when I was grappling with a massive depression triggered by betrayal and ghosting from someone I trusted.
  • The second great love of my life came when I was heartbroken over a 12-year friendship-turned-romance coming to an abrupt and surprising end as soon as it had begun. I literally sent up a mini-tantrum as prayer and met my future husband within the week.

Tantrums aren’t high vibrational…

… and yet my dream came true. That is grace. That is the power of the spiritual dimension to surpass the laws of science and the physical dimension—including the vibrational ones.

4 things I’m doing differently for dysphoria…

#1 COMFORT – One way or another, I think everything we do is an attempt to find comfort, even “getting out of our comfort zones,” which brings the comfort of feeling like you’re doing the work it takes to have something good happen. But for those of us with dysphoria, we don’t need to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. That happens whether we like it or not. Every month. Like clockwork. What we need is to get into our comfort zones. And the new part of this for me is that I’m allowing a focus on comfort to be a valid, worthwhile, and productive use of my time. As someone raised with a “hard work” ethic, being productive is a compulsion that I’ve had to deprogram and redefine, and now that I’m allowing grace into my spiritual universe, those gains are finally reaching me in the spiritual department. And that makes me feel safe to say… Comfort is good. My comfort is important. My time is well spent on comfort.

#2 GRACE – I’ve already been talking about this, and I just want to say a little more… allowing for grace, or the spiritual promise of blessings without having to work for or earn them, means I don’t have to be vibrationally perfect to be provided for and have good things happen in my life. Grace is a higher spiritual force than that of vibrational magnetism, and allowing it into my sense of things is making a difference. I’m finding myself comforted and supported in times of dysphoria, rather than terrified that my low vibration is ruining my chances of having the beautiful things I dream of in my life.

#3 LISTENING – I’m listening to myself. Instead of spiritually bypassing my feelings and anything that lands in the low vibration category, I’m listening. This alone is such a needed form of comforting that I can give myself. And when I can listen with intention—listen with the purpose of healing the suffering and restoring myself to the beautiful truth about me and my life, then authentic movement happens. Then shift happens in a deeper way than when I just push the bad thoughts away. And it happens faster. It’s exhausting to keep trying to bypass a troubled state of mind that just won’t let up. All the breathwork. All the affirming thoughts. All the visualization. It just doesn’t get me any movement sometimes. Sometimes I just need to be heard. So I hear myself. And then when the suffering starts to budge, that’s when I help it along with the breathwork and the affirming thoughts and the visualization. Or better yet for me, I help it along with an intentional song.

#4 PLAY – Ok, if you know me you know that play is not new to me or my work, but I have discovered an interesting thing in all of my years of watching this PMDD pattern and trying to find relief from the dysphoria—childlike activities sometimes soothe me. PMDD is correlated with childhood trauma and it’s likely that those child parts of me that are still living in trauma are coming forth during the dysphoria days and that they’re finding relief in the moments when I am doing just the right childlike activity to suit them. What suits them? Arts and crafts. Sewing colorful things. Being silly. Playing make-believe. Mini-golf. Twirling.

Comforting Thoughts

  • If you don’t feel good, it’s ok to focus on finding comfort.
  • You have spiritual support working behind the scenes even while you rest.
  • You will receive blessings even when you aren’t at your best.
  • You will cycle back around to a lighter way of being.
  • Even if you can’t remember or feel it right now, you are a worthwhile person.

PMDD comfort corner for sensitive women

Comfort Kit & Supplies

  • PMDD Symbol-of-the-Month
    • Get your symbol in a Tea Leaf Reading
    • Find out about your spiritual support
    • Be supported by a gifted wisdom channel
    • Talk on Zoom or choose an email volley
    • Same day appointments available
  • PMDD Comfort Kit-of-the-Month
    • Supportive Cut & Paste Activity
    • Meet-Match-Raise Songs & Steps
    • Scratchy Mood Activity
    • Magical Identity Experience
    • Mystery Soup (not really soup, though)

Symbol of the Month

One thing that I absolutely love doing for comfort around PMDD is getting a symbol of the month from the tea leaves. And I’m not talking about a calendar month. I’m talking about a biocycle month. My biocycle month goes like this: Day 1 is when my period starts, and I’m usually still in some dysphoria until Day 4. Then I’m in the lightness phase with good energy, outlook, and mental sharpness until about Day 18 when the dysphoria begins again and lasts again until Day 4. I have found that getting a symbol of the month within a few days of starting my period helps me—really really helps me. It’s hard to say why. I feel like it puts my coming month in a container that is spiritually supported. I feel like it witnesses and validates my experience. And I know I’m going to see my symbol at least once somewhere out in the world or in my home during the month, and when I do it’s going to have a supportive message for me and remind me that I have spiritual support working behind the scenes for me. So it just makes me feel cared for.

I can, of course, break out the tea leaves and get a symbol for myself each month, but I get so much more out of it when the reading comes from a caring healer. That is why I have created some ways that work with my biocycle for me to be there for you, to hold your soul in my care for a reading. I provide email and instant download readings all throughout the month. I may also provide pop-up Zoom readings from time to time. 

Email Reading - $30

  • I do this reading and email your symbol + guidance within 24 hrs. 
  • Then you email back your questions and details in 48 hrs.
  • Then I send answers + clarifications in 48 hrs.

Instant Download - $10

  • I do this reading once a calendar month and make it available for instant download.
  • Purchase on the first day of your biocycle and get instant access to spiritual support to wrap around your month.

Comfort Kit of the Month

Over the last 30 years, I’ve been creating and collecting things that help me—activities, strategies, beliefs—into notebooks, scrapbooks, published books, workbooks, mentorship programs and more. I’ve had to because one of the ways that PMDD has affected my life is that I do not easily form habits or routines, so I certainly wouldn’t retain a practice without collecting it somewhere. And even when collected, I might gather it into a collection one month and use it for awhile and then eventually have it washed away in one of the mind fogs and be compelled to create a new one the next month or a few months later. The good thing about this is that my collection is huge. That means I have a lot of comfort activities to share with you. And I’m doing it on a monthly basis because you might be like me and have a tough time forming habits. So having a new kit of helpful activities to reach for each month might be just the thing that brings you comfort.

The kits and supplies here are designed specifically for those of us with PMDD, with love and understanding. And they may also help those who need comfort with other things. The activities within them have certainly helped me through postpartum grief, perimenopausal influences, breakup and bereavement heartbreaks, broken dreams, societal outrage and other kinds of grief. Being human comes with a lot of vulnerability, so there’s a lot of comfort to find here.

Choose one or two of the comfort supplies, or get the whole kit:

April 2024

Cut & Paste - $5

I have found cut & paste activities to be very soothing on dysphoria days—sometimes even inspiring. There’s an element of play involved, but also a supportive angle to each activity that leaves you with something tangible to put in your PMDD Comfort Corner scrapbook to turn to when you need comfort again later.

Meet Match Raise - $5

I have found immense relief, comfort and shift from this very carefully designed technique. It’s a listening-with-intention activity that involves music and journaling and is all about having vulnerability AND a beautiful life. Steps + Songs-of-the-Month included. Address difficult emotions in this healing process.

Magical Identity - $5

You know how they say, “Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn?” This is a little bit of that. A magical identity experience involves trying on the essence of a mystical being. It’s up to you whether you want to consider this a playful moment of make-believe, or a deep moment of spiritual connection. It absolutely is valid as either and both. And both mindsets bring out a unique brand of comfort in this activity.

Scratchy Mood Activity - $5

What can I say? Sometimes things get scratchy. That’s how it feels inside my body when the dysphoria is particularly high, and anger or outrage are trying to be heard. For me, the best way I’ve found to get it to move through me is to let it speak. So this activity is designed to give voice to those inner parts in short writing forms that never involve complete sentences—because the banshee within just needs to kick down a door sometimes and why shouldn’t she start with grammar.

Mystery Soup - $5

It’s not really soup. But it is really a mystery—until you open it and find something good. Sometimes it’s silly. Sometimes it’s moving your body. Sometimes it’s both. But it’s always an activity. And it’s always a surprise, and that is just what I need sometimes to get me out of a funk.

The Whole Kit - $15

All 5 Activities:

  • Supportive Cut & Paste Activity
  • Meet-Match-Raise Songs & Steps
  • Scratchy Mood Activity
  • Magical Identity Experience
  • Mystery Soup (not really soup, though)

PMDD comfort corner for sensitive women

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