Soul Candy Sessions

Ahhhhhh, pampering. There’s nothing better than a little pampering to remind you how special you are and raise your willingness to experience the goodness that is possible for you. Soul Candy sessions are pampering of the soul, a chance for you to feel just how special you really are and be guided in accessing all that magical goodness your soul has in store for your life.


Dream Life Sessions

The life you’re dreaming of is a promise from your soul…

Let’s get together and stir up some magic to make your dreams come true. In this strategically magical conversation, I use my gifts of psychic and empathic perception, mediumship and channeling higher dimensional wisdom as we check in with your soul to discover, celebrate and manifest your dreams.

  • Connect with your soul for guidance about your purpose and dreams.
  • Engage in steps to make your dream life a reality.
  • Find out what magic is there for you, to support your dreams coming true.
  • Get channeled answers to questions about your life path and the meanings of your life experiences.
  • Get channeled answers to questions about the meanings of signs.
  • Get authorization to live your life purpose and the life of your dreams.

GINA provides in-person sessions in Huntington Beach, CA, and video sessions world-wide.


Soul Mate Sessions

The love you dream of is already with you…

Your life partner is already with you. Your sense of being together with an amazing human being who adores you is already with you. Your love tank filled to overflowing is already with you. All of these treasures of the heart are already with you in your soul, and you can tap into them right here and now to start experiencing them in your daily physical life. It starts with looking to your soul as your life partner and following its guidance to create your dream relationship there. That’s when, if your heart so desires, your outer world comes to reflect the dream relationship in real-life, flesh-and-blood people and experiences.

  • Manifest your soulmate
  • Discover the dream partnership your soul promises
  • Feel loved NOW
  • Reveal and multiply the love in your current relationship
  • Deepen intimacy through energetic practices
  • Prepare for your Soul Wedding

GINA will share with you the practices that put an end to decades of feeling utterly alone in the universe and drew her life partner, now husband, to her. She specializes in manifesting Divine Partnership, making your existing partnership divine, and going within to partner with your soul. — In-person sessions in Huntington Beach, CA. Video sessions world-wide.

SHANTA MARIE will share with you the practices that brought the beloved to live within her, always present. She specializes in finding the beloved within yourself, developing energetic practices that deepen partnership intimacy, and preparing for your Soul Wedding, a beautiful ritual in which you dedicate yourself to lifelong partnership with your soul (with plenty of room for a life partner as well). — In-person sessions in San Francisco, CA. Video sessions world-wide.


Mystic Path Sessions

There really is magic in you and all around you…

A mystic is someone who lives in a world full of magic, of wonders and divine orchestrations that dazzle the human mind and land squarely on the truths that we know in our souls. Mystic Path sessions are designed to get you tapped in to the magic within you and all around you, and to satisfy the calling of your soul to have a spiritual life in your life. Whether you have a spiritual sensitivity or an attraction to a spiritual path, or you find yourself here on this page by way a soul guidance such as illness, crisis or divine orchestration, your soul has brought you here for this very reason. Let’s get together to help you find out what kind of spiritual life you are called to have and, when you know the answer to this question, to engage you in practices and enrichment that bring dazzling magic and miracles into your life.

  • Connect with your soul for guidance about your spiritual purpose, path and practices.
  • Engage in practices that delight and enrich you and build connection with your soul.
  • Develop light worker gifts, such as psychic and empathic perception, mediumship, and spiritual healing.
  • Learn to channel soul dimension wisdom and creative genius.
  • Be guided in meditation practices that fit your personality (it’s not all sitting and breathing).
  • Learn how to make a spiritual practice of your favorite activities… crafting, cooking, athletics, and more.
  • Create tangible avenues to spiritual connection such as altars, prayer boxes, vision boards, and more.
  • Multiply the dazzling magic that you find all around you.

GINA provides in-person sessions in Huntington Beach, CA, and video sessions world-wide.