Spiritual Practices Expert Shanta Marie is a Soul Candy partner and vision holder who works with clients in sessions, mentorship programs and ceremonial settings. She has been a professional healer since 2004, before which time her innate healing gifts were encouraged and supported in the alternative healing environments she grew up in. Throughout her childhood, her community instilled in her the willingness to question how things are done and look for creative ways to improve situations. She brings this willingness, as well as her warmth, wisdom, and extensive training and experience, to her service.

In all her spiritual service practices, including ritual and ceremony officiation, spiritual coaching, hypnotherapy, Kirtan, soul art and more, she is present to bear witness to your transformations and reflect them back to you, to hold space for the things you want to create and release, to hear you with an open heart and, when your soul calls for it, to encourage you to move beyond what you think you can do. She declares, “I hold space for your Soul to rise up and express truth. I see You in all your forms. I accept you. I celebrate you. Here is a safe place for you to Be.”

Shanta Marie | Soul Candy Institute


Shanta Marie’s rich spiritual lineage includes mentors Mohawk descendant, Earthkeeper, and Shaman, Maureen Dewhurst; Medicine Carrier Johnny Poignton; Hawaiian Kahuna and High Priestess Leilani Birely; Dharma Teacher Tho Vong and Nature Awareness Mentor Jon Young. Under this sacred guidance, she developed into her soul’s purpose as Priestess, holding space for individuals and communities in self-realization and ritual.