Soul Pampering Menu
For almost a decade, I have dreamt of bringing my magic to Medusa salon, a magical HB hotspot where beauties flock to get pampered with fabulous hair and make-up, created by my lifelong BFF Sharri Hillman. Now, thanks to Sharri and Medusa’s new owners, Brittany, Cecilia, and Azya, this dream has come true…

… I’m so thrilled to announce that I now have an adorable Soul Pampering Nook at Medusa where I provide private 1-hour sessions to explore your spiritual gifts, pamper your soul and bring more magic into your life. Choose a soul pampering experience from this menu and come see for yourself. (Distance sessions available.)

Spiritual Gifts

Am I A Lightworker ♥ $100

Find out…

  • Are you a lightworker, and what kind?
  • What do your “psychic moments” mean about you?
  • Which spiritual communication gifts (clairs) do you have?

PRACTICE: Be guided in getting a spiritual message.

Enchanted Life ♥ $100

Learn about…

  • Guides & passed loved ones.
  • Opening the flow of signs and help from above.

PRACTICE: Be guided in getting and interpreting a sign.


White Light Foundation ♥ $100

Discover why…

  • You are always safe and supported spiritually.
  • You can put to rest any fears about the spiritual realm.

PRACTICE: Establish safety for your entire spiritual future.

Highly Sensitive Soul ♥ $100

Learn about…

  • The gift of being an empath, and how to care for yourself.
  • Steps to create more ease in crowds and relationships.

PRACTICE: Be guided in distinguishing your feelings from others’.

Love & Connection

Be Your Own BFF ♥ $80

Learn about…

  • Grace, faith, non-judgment and self-connection.
  • The power of total self-acceptance, especially for lightworkers.
  • Opening up to more love in your life.

PRACTICE: Be guided in clearing shame and receiving more love.

My Heart Goes On ♥ $100

Receive heartfelt support when a loved one has died…

  • Share your story of love with me and process your grief.
  • Learn how to move into the enhanced relationship that is now possible with your loved one.

PRACTICE: Be guided to spend time with your loved one again.

My Spirit Boyfriend ♥ $100

Learn about…

  • The most powerful thing you can do to call in your dream partner.
  • Having a spirit boyfriend for a time to transform your love life.

PRACTICE: Select a spirit boyfriend and be guided in a date experience.

Soul Story ♥ $100

Let’s talk about…

  • What’s happening in your life and how your soul sees it.
  • What it feels like to be aligned with your soul.
  • How your soul’s reaching out to communicate with you.

PRACTICE: Be guided in a conversation with your soul.

Readings (1 Hour)

Me Time, Tea Time ♥ $100

Support yourself…

  • Receive an extended tea leaves reading with loving exploration of your feelings and situation.

OPTIONAL: Be guided in giving a tea leaves message.

Soul Pampering Energy Bath ♥ $120

Pamper yourself…

  • Sit with me in a high vibrational field for wellness and elevation.
  • Includes music, energy bath of reiki, deeksha and charismatic grace, and soul reading.

Readings (15 Min)

These readings are available to stand alone or to accompany your hair appointment. Schedule yours when you schedule your hair appointment, and enjoy the magic of soul pampering while your color sets.

Tea Leaves Reading ♥ $25

Pamper yourself…

  • Experience this ancient Chinese tradition.
  • Receive a message from your soul.
  • Activate spiritual support in your life.


Oracle Card Reading ♥ $25

Pamper yourself…

  • Experience the wonder of spiritually charged cards.
  • Receive guidance from your soul.
  • Activate spiritual support in your life.


By appointment at Medusa Salon

(714) 968-2424 • 22311 Brookhurst St. • Suite 101 • Huntington Beach

(For help choosing a menu item, or to set up a distance session, please contact me here.)

“I cannot thank you enough for reminding me of the magic that is out there and that it can be for me too.” ~ Heidi Moss

“This is better than therapy.” ~ Huntington Beach resident