Magic @ Soul Candy

Soul Candy programs connect you with magical goodness of all kinds… from your soul’s special and perfect design to psychic and healing gifts to the dream life you came into this world to live, your soul’s wonders are full of goodness and light and this is a magical place to discover them.

Soul Candy Program Canditates

Gina talks about Soul Candy channels & healers:

I work with a small group of special souls who are meant to connect with me in this lifetime to activate their magic. These gentle souls are light workers with magical gifts and special purposes on this planet, and many of them arrive in need of relief from the overwhelm and loneliness that comes simply from not being awake to their amazing gifts.

Magical gifts come with high sensitivity… energetic, emotional and physical… and many students report, before beginning the course, that they feel uncomfortable in crowds or public, that they are sick or tired or nervous a lot, that they attract a lot of unwanted attention. They also report that they just know things, that their bodies buzz and tingle for no apparent reason, that they hear sounds and voices, that they see signs and have premonitions in dreams or waking visions. So the work we do quickly tunes these gifts and relieves the sensory overwhelm, making life feel lighter, more meaningful AND, of course, mind-blowingly magical.

Ultimately, some students find that they are psychics or mediums who are called to do readings privately and professionally, others find they are empaths and healers who dedicate their lives to healing services, and others find that they are light workers with these same magical gifts, happily working in mainstream careers, who are meant to bring their magic to their work and families.

The Magic That’s Happening

3-Book Publishing Deal:

Ashley – A multi-million dollar earning motivational speaker who arrived with 7 unwritten books in her head from decades of interpersonal communication work and observation had taken writing workshop after writing workshop without successfully getting her ideas on the page. She used our soul connection and channeling techniques to complete her first book and get a 3-book publishing deal!

Loving Relationship

Alex – A sensitive young woman in her late twenties arrived after the end of a 5-year relationship that was controlling and abusive. She had spent many years believing there was no magic in her or her universe, and used our soul connection and psychic development techniques to connect with the magic she had known in her childhood, activate her soul’s joyful vision for her life and manifest a relationship with a gentle and loving man.

What Students Are Discovering

I was pleasantly surprised by many clear pictures that came into my head… I am truly getting blown away by session 3 and 4 so much stuff I can relate to…


what amazes me about this lesson the most is how very clair (psychic) I am… I have much more knowledge about myself… this is amazing to me! I’ve always thought that I was somewhat spotty about these kinds of things but now I see i was just ignorant! 🙂


The Buzz About Working With Gina

Way beyond my expectations… you are truly gifted !


I am having fun!


I’m just so glad someone believes me!


Waking up to your uplifting emails has caused my vibration to go up. You are so positive and alive that it’s refreshing… My vibration feels high so I’m on a roll… Thank you for bringing so much sparkle into my life.


I cannot thank you enough for helping me along this crazy path and helping me to see that there are many opportunities out there for me. For reminding me of who I am and that it’s ok to be me and it’s ok to seek my heart’s desires. For reminding me of the magic that is out there and that it can be for me too. You totally ROCK! xoxoxoxo

Heidi Moss