This week our message comes to us from the Gratitude Unicorn who invites us to actively acknowledge our blessings as a way of pampering our minds.

Enchanted Message

This week, I have had such a rich time of connection and expansion that I’m still digesting it all. And so, our friendly neighborhood Gratitude Unicorn is urging me to simply share a few things I’m grateful for and invite you to do the same. With all the other things that may be occupying our attention, having a moment of gratitude is like a luxury vacation for our minds, complete with massage, snorkel and ocean views.

Let’s notice 3 things to be grateful for

For me this week my gratitude is all about the past loved ones who showed up unexpectedly to bring healing to me and those around me:

  • First, on Friday, I received an unexpected message for someone who had reached out to me trying to connect with a passed loved one. I didn’t think I was going to have time to sit down and receive a message, and I didn’t. But that didn’t stop the message from just popping in while I was working on something else.
  • Then on Saturday, at our Me Time, Tea Time, we were surprised to have passed loved ones show up to make a connection and bring healing. Me Time, Tea Time is never the same twice, and this week’s connecting with passed loved ones was definitely a first.
  • Again today, Sunday, in a gathering of people with spiritual communication gifts, not only did I channel a message from the passed loved one of someone in the group, but I also had someone in the group channel a message for me, from one of my passed loved ones. It was just as surprising for me to get this message as it was for the person who channeled it to discover she could get messages from passed loved ones.

Whether you are experiencing the magic of spiritual communication messages this week or simply enjoying the peace that comes with a belly full of food, pamper yourself by taking a moment to notice 3 things to be grateful for.

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Soul Connection

Supplies: A comfortable place. Paper. A pen.

  1. Take two deep breaths and become aware that you are inside your body.
  2. Now ask your soul to make you aware of what is good in your life this week.
  3. Write down what comes.
  4. Now ask your soul to help you feel a very present sense of gratitude for these blessings.
  5. Now ask your soul to magnify the sensation of gratefulness within you.
  6. When you feel complete, thank your soul for providing you with so many good things and for allowing you to be aware of how valuable they are to you.
  7. This week, look for more blessings to be grateful for and continue thanking your soul.