Unicorn Initiation
11 days • 8/8/18-8/18/18 • $188*

Allow your imagination to meet the divine and raise you into a higher truth.

This is your chance to bask in the mystical wonder of Unicorn. So soft and flowy and dreamy and good. The color, the whimsy, the innocence, the light. What Unicorn Initiates are saying about this initiation experience is how much joy they had in connecting with the kid inside and believing in magic and unicorns again. They loved being reminded to think of and look for magic, and then they loved the shifts that happened inside and out in their lives because they did.

You’ve heard about the magic that is going on with Unicorn in my life… here’s a highlight:

During my honeymoon, the conversation echoed in my mind, and I found that I had posed an important question for myself. Do I believe in unicorns? And the answer was a clear YES. With that, another important question came, “How do I believe in unicorns?” And the answer again was clear: I believe in them as one way that the divine takes shape in my human experience. It does so in word, imagery, energy and magical goodness. With this new awareness in my heart and my Unicorn plushy and my new husband by my side, my honeymoon bliss raised me into a higher dimension of sweetness and joy than I ever experienced before. A new paradigm was born in my life… Click here to read the whole unicorny story.

Now, it’s your turn. Get some grace this summer and receive just because you exist. Not because you worked for it or proved you were enough, but just because you have shown up in the realm of creation to be just what you are. Say YES, and allow Unicorn to do the work for you, making magic for your dreams to come true in your life.

  • Feel the magic of childhood wonder again.
  • Discover the secrets of Unicorn magic and invite it into your life.
  • Experience what it feels like to actually “be a unicorn.”

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Unicorn magic and allow it to come alive in your life…

Initiation Goodies

  • 10 Days of Initiation Steps – Immerse yourself in Unicorn magic.
  • Be Witnessed – Email me your experiences to magnify the magic.
  • 11th Day Ritual –  Complete your Unicorn Initiation (in your cozy home).

Initiation Schedule (PST)

  • Steps Start: 11:11 am on Wednesday, Aug 8
  • Ritual-At-Home: 11:11 am on Saturday, Aug 18
  • Enrollment: Closes Tuesday, Aug 7


During this 11-day initiation, you will receive 10 initiation steps. I will email you an initiation step in PDF form every day at 11:11am for the first 10 days, with a kid-friendly-version for kids 12 and under. You will be free to do your steps at times that are convenient for you and email me your responses, to be witnessed by me and register your progress.

NEW Quick & Easy Text Opt-In: due to the popularity of this special accommodation that I made at the request of previous Unicorn Initiates, I will be sending a text message each day during the 11 o’clock hour with a short, quick & easy nutshell version of the day’s step. This is for those of us who are busy, but ready for something wondrous.


On the 11th day, you will receive a ritual-at-home PDF, plus the guided ritual audio link. In this ritual, you will engage with the magical goodies you’ve gathered in your initiation steps and complete your Unicorn Initiation.

* Thank Unicorn’s magic numbers for this exceptionally generous $188 tuition, divinely appointed to line up with our magical date range… 8/8/18-8/18/18.