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Ceremonial Ring | Soul Candy
Ceremonial Ring | Soul Candy
Ceremonial Ring | Soul Candy

At Soul Candy, we embrace the immense power of ritual to align the body and mind with the goodies of the soul…


When one of your soul’s goodies is life partnership with another wondrous soul, a wedding is called for because of its power to draw all of the energies of your being onto the path of partnership.

  • Your mind gets to explore, determine and adopt new ideas, principles and objectives for living.
  • Your body gets to act out the story of union that you are choosing for the next chapter of your life.
  • And your soul gets to guide all of this meaningful activity as it materializes the beautiful partnership it has had in store for your life since before you were born.

At Soul Candy, we are here to connect with you, your partner and your one-of-a-kind souls to discover the wedding ceremony that is already written in the divine design of your unique partnership. In this way your wedding ceremony can do more than simply make your partnership official, it can be a living portrait of your love story and add glue to your lifelong bond.

Modern Ritual

In addition to writing, designing and officiating custom wedding ceremonies, we also create and facilitate custom ritual experiences for individuals and groups. Graduations, birthdays and funerals are honored in our modern world, while so many of life’s accomplishments, commitments and transitions get overlooked:

  • Births
  • New pets
  • New partners
  • Newly single
  • New identity
  • New homes
  • New jobs
  • New goals
  • New situations
  • Changing body

So we are here to give voice to the callings of your soul, as you take your next steps on the new path that is unfolding before you.