Soul Candy Weddings

Something magical has happened! You’ve met someone so special you want to spend your life loving them. At Soul Candy, we are so delighted for you, and we want to see your wedding day dreams come true with a wedding ceremony that has your unique, one-of-kind magic all over it.

As wedding ceremony providers, we are dedicated to connecting with your unique values, wishes and wedding day dreams, and we do so not only through conversation, but also through our spiritual gifts including channeling, soul communication, and empathic perception.

We see what’s special about you. We see what makes you light up with joy. And we tap into what’s meaningful for you to create a wedding ceremony experience that is as special as you and your partnership are.

Ceremony Design Services

Ceremony Elements

  • Theme of your choice
  • Brief portrait of your love story
  • Thematic treatment of your marriage values
  • Personalized vows
  • Traditional and/or custom ceremony elements of your choice
    … such as songs, readings, unity candles, ring exchange, coronation, knighting, etc.

Theme Options

  • Custom Theme
    – We craft a 100% original ceremony just for you.
  • The Realm Theme
    – We personalize the fairytale-themed Ceremony of the Realm (based on my book).

Design Process

  • Development Phase – We start with a development meeting where you let me know your ideas and desires, and I guide the creative process with questions and possibilities as I create an inspired plan for your ceremony. I may also ask you and/or your partner to complete a ceremony wish list questionnaire. Then, if needed, we may have more exchanges to finalize our plan, or we may enter into the writing phase. You have the choice of being as minimally or as deeply involved in the development process as you like.
  • Writing Phase – At this time, I allow your ceremony to channel through and may reach out to you with questions via email or phone.
  • Approval Phase – When I have a draft, I send it to you for review, changes, and approval. We may finalize via email or have revisions meetings by phone or video chat until we have a polished final draft.

Gina provides in-person meetings in Huntington Beach, CA, and phone or video meetings worldwide.

Officiant Services

Officiation Includes

  • Sweethearts Blessing
    – We release the old and bring in the new with an energy treatment just before your wedding.
  • Peaceful Bride
    – I am by your side for a few centering deep breaths and words before the ceremony begins.
  • Peaceful Groom
    – I am by your side for a few centering deep breaths and words before the ceremony begins.
  • Ceremony Officiation
    – I set an easy, loving tone for you as you enter into marriage.
  • Marriage License Delivery
    – I deliver your completed marriage license for filing by mail.

Additional Services

  • Sweetheart Session ($250)
    – We meet before your wedding to deepen your connection with each other.

Shanta Marie officiates weddings in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Orange County. Inquire about travel to other locations.


Storybook Package

  • Ceremony Design Services

Enchanted Package

  • Ceremony Design Services
  • Officiant Services

Sweetheart Package

  • Ceremony Design Services
  • Officiant Services
  • 3 Sweetheart Sessions