Work with Me
Ahhhhhh, pampering. There’s nothing better than a little pampering to remind you how special you are and raise your willingness to experience the goodness that is possible for you. Time with me is pampering of the soul, a chance for you to feel just how special you really are and be guided in accessing your gifts and all that magical goodness your soul has in store for your life.


A Closer Look at Your Gifts

Let’s take a closer look at your unique spiritual gifts…

When I met with my spiritual mentor for the first time, she had to tell me 3 times that I was a medium because I just didn’t see it. I knew I was getting messages from my passed loved ones for years, and I knew I was getting messages for people close to me from their passed loved ones, but I just didn’t think of this as mediumship. When my mentor put her foot down and corralled my attention, I finally saw what was going on. And then I just had a good laugh to think I was denying something so obvious.

If you’re like me and many of my clients, and you need someone with experience to look at your gifts and help you make sense of them, I’m here. You’ll receive the complete 24-lesson Mystic Woman… At Home download, which includes 5 self-discovery questionnaires, 6 exclusive video links, and 48 practical application exercises. We’ll do 2 to 4 strategically chosen lessons before each session, using our time together to identify your gifts, notice which techniques from the program are a strong fit for you, and answer your questions. You’ll also receive a custom homework schedule based on your personal timeline preferences to keep you on track to complete the course before our final session.

6 Sessions: $999
12 Sessions: $1888

Book Club with the Author

Let’s talk, just you and me, about my book…

Ever read a book and wish you could ask the author questions about your specific situation? With my bookThe Realm: Claim Your Total Magnificence, your wish has been granted. We’ll get together to apply my book‘s life-changing strategies to your soul’s world-changing life.

You’ll receive the e-book or PDF by email, plus a custom homework schedule, and we’ll read 2 to 4 strategically chosen chapters before each session, then come together to answer your questions, make connections with your specific life experience, and do the exercises. I know for me, I’m so much more likely to get the transformation when someone else is there to go through it with me.

2 Sessions: $333
6 Sessions: $999

Fairy Godmother & Me Time

Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo! I’m a Fairy Godmother just for you!

Your Fairy Godmother just made more time for you… now you can ask all your questions and get channeled guidance.

Fairy Godmother & Me Time is an energetic space free of judgment, limitation, and lack, and full of encouragement, channeled wisdom and sparkling lightness of being.

WEEKLY EMAIL Q&A – You ask your questions, I bring you answers.

Your Questions: You send me your questions throughout the week. Here are some good ones…

  • What is the right spiritual practice for me?
  • How can I have more magic in my life? More joy? Money? Meaning? Love?
  • How can I discover my magical gifts? My purpose? My dreams?
  • I did the heart chakra step in Channeling Made Easy… what do you think?

Channeled Answers: I send answers & discussion questions on Friday afternoons.

A spiritual elder once told me I have the Gift of Encouragement. It’s true. It comes from a higher truth that I am tapped into naturally, as part of my life purpose. This higher truth is also the source of spiritual wisdom that channels to me thru writing and bursts of inspiration. These are the sparkling goodies I get to share with you when I email you back.

HOLDING SPACE - While you are in your Me Time month, I hold space for your dream life.

Holding space is the energetic act of witnessing what is already true on the spiritual level so that it can take on real physical form in your real life. I hold the high watch as I witness this truth… the highest, most magical good for you.


Combine Fairy Godmother & Me Time with any of Soul Candy’s independent study programs for a custom course experience:

1 Month: $333
3 Months: $888