Gina Grant, founder of the magical Soul Candy Institute, is a clairvoyant and empathic author, mystic, and teacher who uses her spiritual gifts to help you connect with your soul, discover your spiritual gifts and landscapes, and live your beautiful life. Her lifelong spiritual journey has taken her through rigid organized religion, atheism, nihilism, and back around to authentic spiritual connection guided by the soul, sometimes with the help of teachers in new and ancient traditions from around the world. She finds immense resonance with Native American, New Age, and yogic spirituality. Devoted to her two great callings, mysticism and creativity, she provides a variety of content and programs, all focused on helping sensitive ones connect on the soul level.

Gina Grant | Soul Candy Institute

Mystic Woman focuses on discovering your inner magic and spiritual connection. Genius Dimension focuses on exploring and birthing the creativity, projects and personal awarenesses within you. And Comfort Corner focuses on finding light and comfort for those of us living with grief. You’ll also find some very practical reasons for choosing some very spiritually endorsed strategies in her bestselling book, “The Realm: Claim Your Total Magnificence,” and in her Paradigm Shift workbook, as well as some magical guidance and steps toward accessing your soul’s promise of true love in her True Love workbook.


Gina’s mystical gifting—psychic and empathic perception, mediumship, wisdom channeling and creative channelling—has been present since the earliest days of her life when the childhood aspect of her soul remained in connection beyond the veil well after she came into a physical body. She was a highly sensitive, old soul kind of kid who’d mind meld with trees and channel the darndest old soul things to say in conversations with the adults around her. In her teens she began having precognizant visions and in her 30’s began recognizing the persistent—like how many slingshot rocks to the head does it take for you to finally look this way—messaging she was getting from higher guidance and passed loved ones.


With over 35 years of personal and spiritual development experience, Gina is the author of more than three-dozen screenplays, books, workbooks, and courses, offering both practical and magical guidance. She has a BA in Literature from UC Santa Barbara and an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA, and she recognizes the great contribution this educational training has made to her work as a spiritual author and instructor. Beyond the sheer volume of writing involved in all of this experience is the theoretical and philosophical depth she ventured into, the symbol recognition and interpretation gifts she cultivated, and the storytelling and entertainment skills she mastered. All of these continue to develop to this day and come together to support the rich content of Soul Candy writings and programs.


During her 9-year career in academic curriculum design, 7 of them in an executive director role, Gina was also designing programs for personal and spiritual development, building Soul Candy’s transformative collection of resources. She has an expert ability to break down complex concepts and processes into understandable ideas and steps, then strategically select and sequence topics into a program that effectively delivers the targeted growth results… all the while keeping the work engaging. She considers this expertise a spiritual gift that has been maximized by her professional experience and spiritual connection practices.


Gina has a twin sister whose mischief and bullying brought her endless growth opportunities in childhood and a deep experiential wisdom about the suffering and loneliness that leads to human error, folly and cruelty. Soulful understanding has turned her twin relationship into a treasure, and through it all, having a twin has been one of her most cherished gifts of her lifetime. Her family experiences include poverty, addiction, cancer and other sacred human situations that inform the many uplifting gifts she shares in her writings. She is dedicated to triumphant storytelling for herself and others, and she considers her husband to be one of her greatest triumph stories of all, reminding her that your heart’s desires really are promises from your soul. After 23 years of hoping, dreaming, praying for true love, he arrived when she was 37, and just as she teaches in her True Love programs, she couldn’t have designed him or their divinely orchestrated love story better herself.


Today, Gina serves nationwide clients from her home base in Rocky Mountain territory, Colorado. Through Soul Candy self-study, group, and custom mentorship programs, she uses her wisdom channel gift to provide guidance as you sensitive ones align with your souls, activate your unique magical gifts, and manifest your beautiful life.