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Workbook Downloads for Your Development Process

You have everything you need within you to discover your gifts, deepen your spiritual connection, and connect with yourself in ways that uplift, inspire and heal you. Part of this limitless “everything” within you is the way your soul brings you the resources you need, just when you need them, to help you take your next step into deeper connection and wonder.

Mystic Woman self-study e-workbooks are this kind of soul-orchestrated resource, here to open the channel of your inner wisdom and provide guidance for you in this time of self-discovery. They come directly from my Mystic Woman course, giving you the strategies and techniques that have provided the most effective breakthroughs — answering clients’ most common questions and honing in on that deep, mystical inner connection, all in the comfort of your own home.

Mystic Woman

The Complete Program

After spending over a decade feeling totally alone and powerless to get what I wanted in my life, I began discovering a spiritual landscape within myself that led me to a life I love. Now, after years of teaching others how to do the same, I’ve developed this course to get this powerful guidance into your hands, as well. This is my complete Mystic Woman course in a downloadable PDF workbook for you to enjoy at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, at times that are convenient for you. It includes 27 lessons featuring 54 exercises, including self-discovery questionnaires and video links — all dedicated to discovering your spiritual landscape, inside and out, including your spiritual gifts and behind-the-scenes support. Each lesson includes descriptions, pictures and hands-on activities that are easy to understand with lessons that range in length from 2-8 pages, designed to be 30-60 minutes to complete. Plus, you’ll enjoy a free 30-min Q&A call with me, to be completed within 3 months of purchase. With this affordable download, you will get my personal attention as I support your discovery and transformation process. • Find a complete list of program topics here. Includes 27-lesson PDF and a BONUS 30-min Q&A call.

Mystic Woman
PDF Workbook

True Love

A Promise From Your Soul

If you are dreaming of true love, your dreamingness is all the proof you need to know that it is a promise from your soul. But for those of you who are like me, you want more proof and support to help you feel it, and then to actually see it come true in your life.

I know for me, even when I felt certain that I would have true love in my life one day, I couldn’t just sit on my hands and wait for it to happen. I needed to take action, to be engaged with this deeply important area of my life. So I went to workshops, I read books, I took steps to prepare myself and more steps to call my true love to me, and it worked. I am now living the dream of true love partnership everyday.

This downloadable workbook program offers you all the strategies I used, plus insights and steps from my Mystic Woman programs that you won’t find anywhere else.


  1. The Promise
  2. The Secret to Meaningful Connection
  3. Total Self-Acceptance
  4. Self Love
  5. Activating the Promise
  6. Meeting, Soul to Soul
  7. Limitless Receptivity
  8. Spiritual Healing for Yourself
  9. Magic in the Meantime


True Love
PDF Workbook

Paradigm Shift

Receptivity Unlimited

It’s hard to imagine not being fully willing to receive what we dream of, but the truth is we may be saying “no” energetically to our heart’s desires if we are carrying shame, feeling inadequate or judging our choices and qualities, or simply believing it’s not possible for us to have it. There is soooo much good for us — love, treasure and riches, wellness, joy, genius, thriving, beauty, success — and this workbook helps you open up to receive it all. To create a paradigm shift so that we are living a life we love, we must change the way we are thinking about what’s possible for us. This means addressing how we feel about ourselves, what we believe about how the world works, and how willing we are to have things beyond our control working in our favor.

Learn the 4 simple steps to a paradigm shift from my most popular blog article, and then go deeper with Mystic Woman strategies in an exploration of grace, faith, non-judgment and self-connection as you use the power of total self-acceptance to clear the shame that causes a sense of not deserving, take the limits off your receptivity, and say YES to behind-the-scenes help and “healing” that assists in this paradigm shift process.


  • 4 Steps to Creating a Paradigm Shift by Choice
  • Total Self-Acceptance
  • Limitless Receptivity
  • Spiritual Healing for Yourself

Paradigm Shift
PDF Workbook

Practical thinkers & mystics alike  — this is for you. Get what our Mystic Women already have, the proven-effective tools to get what you want in life.

More Ways to Experience Mystic Woman

Self-study with workbook downloads is affordable, effective and perfect for so many of us. And if what’s perfect for you is to also have someone guiding your discovery process, you can have that too. If you know that you do your best — or simply love it — when you have someone there to cheer you on and offer expert guidance, join me in a Mystic Woman program…