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Ceremonial Ring | Soul Candy
Ceremonial Ring | Soul Candy
Ceremonial Ring | Soul Candy

Dear Kind Souls,

I’m Gina Grant, author, mystic and founder of Soul Candy Institute, here to invite you to make a difference in the lives of some truly special people. I work with deeply soulful women who come into this life to be a light in the world and who find me when it’s time for them to take their next step in answering this spiritual calling. These women are strong, beautiful, generous people who have oftentimes experienced great challenges in their lives as part of their soul’s way of preparing them to be the compassionate presence they are called to be for our human community.

Some have walked through domestic abuse, some through poverty, some through chronic illness. Some have been rejected by their families and religious communities and denied the promise of afterlife blessings. Some have been bullied, lost loved ones, raised their children as single moms. Some have been cheated out of their life savings. Some have given their whole heart to a dream and faced overwhelming failure. Some have been told they’re not good enough, they’re ridiculous to think they have anything to offer, they’re a lost cause, there’s no redemption for them. Some have been taught to live with neglect, verbal and other abuse, shame, self-doubt, depression, and deep loneliness.

The combination of such experiences with the spiritual gift of high sensitivity opens a person’s heart and makes for some of the world’s most compassionate, wise and worthwhile people. These are the ladies I serve. They are hands-down the most caring and generous people out there. When they find me, I get to look them in the eye and assure them that there is more to them, and more for them, than what they may have been told before. And then I get to guide them in recognizing their great gifts and value, their power to make a difference in the world, and the indispensable contribution they make to the human community. By the time they complete their work with me, they have gained a deeper awareness of these truths AND experienced the immense support that is available to them on the spiritual level. They are lighter, happier and actively involved in expressing their unique spiritual gifts in a world that is multiplicitously enriched by them.

What’s so important to me about this work is helping these indispensable humans access, and possibly even reclaim, their birthright of spiritual connection, so that they never feel alone and they always feel cherished, supported and meaningfully engaged in their lives. When they find me, my soul urges me to assist them regardless of their financial means at the time. And I do as much as I can within my resources. I’ve dedicated hundreds of hours of my professional time and thousands upon thousands of dollars of my personal finances to this work, having dedicated myself to a life of full-time service.

Your support makes it possible for me to continue to say YES when one of these globe-enriching people comes to me for guidance, and to find and extend opportunities to even more who are out there ready to step into a higher truth about themselves. Funds collected offset and sometimes completely cover tuition when there is financial need, as well as costs, for Mystic Woman programs, events and services.

And so, it is with heartfelt appreciation and higher vision that I invite you to make a donation today and make a difference that we can only begin to imagine the effects of.

Thank You Sincerely,