3-Month Mentorship for Magical Women

3-month mystic discovery course for magical women

Mentorship — Now Enrolling

Connect with Your Soul

Connect with yourself on the soul level for the deepest, richest, most meaningful relationship possible.

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Discover the spiritual gifts behind your attraction to what’s magical, and access the world of wonder they bring.

Live in Your Comfort

Find out the powerful spiritual reasons — and ways — to live in total self-acceptance and personal comfort.

Play with Your Magic

Tap in for signs & wonders & messaging & guidance, and find out how playful your spiritual support can be.

Is Mystic Woman for YOU?

Have you ever felt like there was MORE to you than you were really getting to see?
Like—something magical?

  • On the soul level you KNOW you’re magical.
  • And maybe you’ve even FELT this in “psychic” moments or times with signs and wonders.
  • But why does this fact SEEM so far off sometimes?
  • I mean, how do you get the magic you sense inside to come out and be in your life?
  • And if you do, how do you get it to stick around?

Unearth the magic in YOU – for keeps.

Mystic Woman is for you if any of this is ringing a bell—like a tinker bell—in your soul. It’s a 3-month personal mysticism discovery experience where we’ll confirm what you’ve suspected all along—you are magical AF! There really is magic in you and all around you, and you really are meant to live a magical life.

“I did not expect to feel so connected… I can’t believe all that has happened already!” ~ Mystic Woman Participant

3-Month One to One Mentorship


Each week of this 3-month mentorship, you’ll receive a magical PDF mini-workbook containing 2 lessons and 4 mystic discovery exercises, for a total of 24 lessons and 48 exercises during the mentorship period—plus BONUS stuff. I will email your PDF mini-workbooks on Mondays to give you time over the week to really enjoy the inner magic and mystic experience you discover with the guided meditations, self-discovery questionnaires, and hands-on activities. Lessons range in length from 2-8 pages and are designed to be 30-60 minutes to complete, to provide maximum magic that fits into a busy lifestyle. You will be free to do your lessons at times that are convenient for you and email me about your experiences, if you like, to be witnessed and because I love hearing about it.


Once a month at a time that fits into your schedule, we will meet live on Zoom for Q&A + magical activities to try out your gifts and get some much needed mystic engagement and recharging.

  • One to One Mentorship
  • 3 Live Zoom Mtgs
    • Scheduled just for you
    • Once a month
    • Q&A+Mystic Play
  • 24 lessons in 12 PDF mini-workbooks
    • Colorful pages and photos
    • Clear explanations
    • Real-life stories
  • 48 Mystic Woman exercises
    • Self-discovery questionnaires
    • Guided meditations
    • Hands-on activities
    • Video links


  • Tuning In For Msgs
  • Raising Vibration
  • Trusting Spiritual Support
  • Oracles
  • Tea Leaves
  • Higher Wisdom
  • Empathic Sensitivity
  • Personal Mediumship
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Channeling Genius
  • Highly Sensitive Soul
  • Intuition & Guidance
  • Ancestral Connection
  • Unlimited Receptivity
  • Ritual, Relics, Regalia


Mystic Woman

In Mystic Woman you’ll open lines of communication for spiritual messaging using the gifts and spiritual support you discovered in Mystic Playground (psst! it’s ok if you missed it) plus learn advanced practices to keep the magic active in your life. But, wait, why is it ok if you missed Mystic Playground? —because it’s included! I’m including all my Mystic Playground lessons as part of your Mystic Woman program! And they’ll be some of the first ones I send, so you can get started on all that fun stuff right away.

Mystic Playground

  • Your Unique Spiritual Gifts
  • Your Mystic Identities
  • The Powerhouse Within
  • Signs & Symbols
  • Guides & Passed Loved Ones
  • Energetic Self-Care
  • Chakra Calibration

Regular Enrollment = $747

  • 1 Payment of $747
  • Made before 1st mtg
  • A $1,527 Value

Subscriber Enrollment = $648

  • 1 Payment of $648
  • For Email Subscribers
  • Saves U $99

Pay Plan Enrollment = $249 (x3)

  • 3 Payments of $249
  • Made by 1st, 5th, 9th wks
  • Available to all

Mysticism… what it can do for you

The unseen world of spiritual support is full of activity in the lives of all people. Mystics are simply those who live in the awareness of it. This support might be as subtle as nudging you to end up in the right place at the right time or as flashy as giving you spiritual messages from loved ones who have died. I personally would never go back to a life without my eyes open to this mystic wonder because it has enabled me to receive so much beautiful good in my life… partnership and professional dreams come true, healing of lifelong wounds and family legacies, and seeing for myself more of who I really am, how lovable, how worthwhile, how capable, and yes, how magical. It turns out I am designed with unique gifts, and now I know what they are. This is the magic that is available to us all when we say yes to spiritual connection and begin to look at things with new eyes—magical eyes—the eyes of a mystic.

Hi, I’m Gina Grant.

For most of my life, being sensitive was something I felt I had to hide—change—ignore—smoosh into a corner. But thankfully my soul had other plans for me, and I was guided to experience the magical spiritual gifts in my sensitivity. In the process, I saw the ways that sensitive women are persuaded to retreat and become invisible, even to themselves, especially in the workplace, as if our special sensibilities were anything other than divinely-appointed, all-access passes to some seriously deep and beautiful and magical stuff. That’s why I left a career as an executive in private sector education to become a spiritual teacher and creative channel. Today I specialize in mystic training for women and I’d love to show you how to experience the wonderment of your own seriously deep and beautiful and magical mystic birthright.

Sensitivity = Gifts

3-month mystic discovery course for magical women

Mentorship — Now Enrolling