Oracle of the Realm

Get Your Oracle Message Here… Instantly!

The Oracle of Realm is a channeled oracle system that brings you the message your soul wants to share with you at this time. Each divinely appointed message is accompanied by one of the magical chapters of the book, The Realm, by Soul Candy Founder, Gina Grant. You can enjoy your oracle guidance as a stand-alone message or explore it further with a chapter and an activity in The Realm.

TIPS: Before you begin, take a moment to say an internal YES to the oracle to bring you the perfect message. When you get your message, allow it to bring insight to your chosen topic, especially if it’s not what you expected! To magnify your message, use the oracle not more than once per day per topic. Ready for some soul magic!…

Do STEPS 1 thru 3 and then click the Oracle Message button to get your message:

STEP 1: Take 2 deep breaths and become aware of your body.

STEP 2: Call to mind a situation or area of interest that you would like insight about.

STEP 3: Ask your soul to connect you with the perfect message.